Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Two with one blow

What does a snow widow do on a cold Sunday?

A little light weeding about 8am (cold, but not too cold then), hangs out two loads of washing, went to the local farmers' market for veg shop (that's when it started snowing), and headed for Mum's house where there was coffee and fresh onion bagels with cream cheese for breakfast, central heating and knitting.

I finished the first of Mum's next pair of socks but instead of casting on the next one, made an infant sized sock (pattern by Mim Felton) from the leftovers. It was a bit hairy at the end - I finished the baby sock with 2m to spare. That whole knit-faster-so-you-don't-run-out-of-wool technique totally worked this time.

Mum finished a scarf for a friend and we had the company of various nieces and nephew, brother and SIL and very old family friends throughout the day.

And I kidnapped Rosie because Saturday and Sunday nights were definitely two dog nights . Actually they were probably three dog nights but Lochie is terrible to have on the bed, so I made do with Peggy, Rosie and a couple of heat packs.


TinkingBell said...

It's been even colder for you lot than it has over here! Brrr!!!!

I stilll don't think the knitting faster thing always works!! I try it but sometimes I still run out!

Marg B said...

I love the colours of the yarn! And the pattern looks equally good on the grown-up and baby sock!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I am so making those baby socks, even if I don't have feet to go in them. They are just so cute!!!!

I'm thinking that it's time for a pair of socks for yourself, especially when the nights are getting that cold.

Donna Lee said...

It won't be cold for much longer. Winter is almost over, well, ok, half over. I am mourning the ending of summer here. As much as I love the change of seasons, I love love love the summer and the laziness of it. I don't feel any compulsion to knit anything much larger than socks because the thought of all that wool gives me hives. I love self patterning socks. They look so cool and are so easy.