Monday, August 11, 2008

Hats, boodle etc

So I'm still going with the hats.

One of the things that has become VERY obvious in the last almost year of "seven things" is that the yarn boodle is large, out of control and has a will of its own. Every attempt to actually cull it has resulted in at least a parity return of yarn within a couple of weeks. Given its amazing ability to regenerate (did anyone see Dr Who last night?), I've decided that the boodle doesn't really want to be given away or sold, it wants to be knitted.

Starting with the bulky stuff that takes up so much space, knit-down has begun.

6 balls of Twilley Freedom Wool became 6 beanies. The first pic is a Norah Gaughan pattern "Match Made in Heaven" from Family Circle Easy Accessories, the others are my Double Rib Beanie.

And the yarn cheese is next in the sights. Remember when I bought 49 x 8oz (215g) balls of super bulky yarn at the Smith Family? Well it was a while ago, and it was the yarn that necessitated the Double Rib pattern. I'm now working on a variation or two to keep me from becoming catatonic with boredom. The goal is to knit this entire collection up by Christmas.

Not completely there with the cabled version yet - I'll give it another go tonight.


2paw said...

Yes,of course I saw Doctor Who (and I have my own Sonic Screwdriver now too!!) and that wool you have must be alive, alive I tell you!!

Great hats, I like the idea of doing different patterns. Good luck with your goal!!

TinkingBell said...

Love love love the bulky beanie pattern - this has been knitted for children and mongolians - and amy yet be knitted for more people!

And I loved the chinook stash photos

Lynne said...

Beanies are my stand by knit! Going to knit-n-natter, travelling, watching a show I really want to see [not just hear] - beanies are the perfect answer. And they chew through the stash too!

Like you, I knit a different variation on my basic pattern for each one and now you've given me some other ideas - thanks.

Kate said...

So, did you think last night's episode was a bit... 'meh'? he only interesting thing was that there's a new series thread that's going to run through. Perhaps we'll finally get to learn more about the socialising of young Galifreyans.

It may be sad but I like the look of that super chunky!