Monday, August 25, 2008

The voices told me to

Sunday night conversation at Taph Towers.

CONSCIENCE: Hmm, so how's that challenge to knit all the bulky yarn by Christmas going, Taph?

TAPH: Well, Conscience, I had a bit of a break last week while I finished off a scarf for a charity sale, a pair of socks for my poor old Mum with the bad circulation who lives in a cold climate and a pair of baby socks which I swapped for a dozen duck eggs. I also started and nearly finished a pair of socks for the Old Flame.

CONSCIENCE: That's an impressive list of finished objects, Taph - bet that gave you a bit of a boost. But in terms of total boodle busting that's 300g of yarn, 200g of which are pretty fine weights. Not much in the volume reduction, is it?

TAPH: Yes, I did feel good finishing things off but you're right, I did set myself that challenge and I'd like to see it through. So here you go, two completed hats from the bulky yarn and the plan is to make one a day this week. The Old Flame loaned me season one of Dead Like Me and season one of Dexter - perhaps I won't go completely insane if I knit while watching those.

CONSCIENCE: Good plan, Taph. Let's chat again next Sunday night.

Beanies 2008.080 and 2008.081


2paw said...

Oh your conscience is a hard taskmistress!!!

Donna Lee said...

One hat a day? Cruel and unusual punishment! Even if the goal is a worthy one.

Kate said...

can I send you my bulky yarn? Actually, I'll probably pull it* together to knit a little hat for a friend's 2yo. Thanks for the inspiration : )

*it being my complete lack of enthusiasm for any task for as long as this stupid sinusitis lasts.

Lynne said...

One a day? That's doable for a week.
Good luck.