Thursday, August 17, 2006

Aussie Junk

Yes, Aussie Junk is habit forming and deserves a frugal look.

It's Revolve by another name and at the Mitchell Resource Management Centre, aka The Tip.

You need to do a fair bit of digging to find gold but you can be lucky. Week before last I got a very large plastic tool box for woodwork, two videos (The Shipping News and Charlotte Grey), several uncut paper patterns including one for a really dinky apron which I'll share another day, some cotton wool on a big roll rather than in cotton buds, a couple of books for the collection at work and two intact 70s orange Tupperware containers for $5 the lot.

Pricing is variable and based on how the guy on the cash register feels at the time.


Margie said...

They have a similar shop in Hobart - The stuff that goes to the tip that is too good for the tip. The one in Hobart has got some great stuff. It sounds like it would be worth a trip to Mitchell :)

Jejune said...

Haven't been to that one yet... is it bigger than Revolve? Looks like you got a good haul - mind you, you are the acknowledged Queen of Op Shopping, so I'm not surprised you found some treasures ;)

Kate said...

Oooh, I have book envy! I would like to get some more but I'm on a knitting book diet. Until I do exactly 1 pattern from all the stuff I've bught inthe last 12 months, I can't justify buying another book (nb: this doesn't count magazines). Love the timber box - it looks really neat and tidy - could use similar for my sewing gear.

I'm feeling relieved that I've finished the jacket. It took waay longer than it needed to because I was being such a perfectionist. I could probably do another couple of corrections but the baby's due in two week's time and my current rate of correction is waaay to slow.

ferg said...

You bring a smile of pure joy to my face! I love bargains and you surely excel.
We have a "Transfer Station" at Bacchus Marsh and the price of entry varies according to the scavenging potential of the load. She operates the entry and he operates the dumping into skips and they are in constant contact with mobiles about what is moving through. We have been known to bribe them with a jar of homemade jam to get in cheaply when we were renovating.
I must suggest a new name akin to your local one. I think they would like it very much. It will give them the entrepreneurial status they deserve.
Many Cheers Gillian