Thursday, August 17, 2006

Weekend in Pictures III

Baby's first bobbin. Don't laugh, I know it's pretty average. The skein's at my parents right now - I'll photograph it over on the weekend.

That's my wheel, Bertie. If you look really closely you'll see some cream Corriedale cross on the wheel bobbin and some more of the brown stuff on the lazy kate to the left on top of the basket.

Quick trip to Aussie Junk at the Mitchell tip before making my way to the National Hockey Centre to watch a pretty poor match between Australian and Korea. Unispired hockey but where else do you get to an international sporting test for $10?

Cute timber box to hold sewing/beading supplies. 50c at Aussie Junk

So this looks like a child's toy, right?

Not now I've replaced the badly cut and drilled pieces of timber and with bobbins. Lazy kate, number 2. 50c at Aussie Junk.

To the left is my first attempt at navajo plying with the corriedale cross. Extremely bad attempt but I'm looking forward to trying it again. The green on the new lazy kate, is "Mermaid" colourway desisgned and dyed in cross breed by the Happy Spider. It's beautiful, Spidey, thank you. :) it will be plyed on itself eventually.

Here it is in it's green, fluffy glory.


ferg said...

Some great progress with the spinning. I mean, this is real yarn you are making and it will knit into fabulous objects! Well done.
Green with envy again over your bargain finds. You must have a very good knack for "seeing" items transformed.
Cheers Gillian

Bells said...

i swear it looks like green fairy floss. I want to eat it!!!

And what is this wonder called Aussie Junk? Should I develop a habit???

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Aussie what at where? Damn it! You mean there's frugalling in this here city I don't know about?!