Monday, August 28, 2006

Non-cow food

A note about non-cow, mostly soy products.

Yup, Margie, the soy cream cheese was Tofutti. The one I used for the dip was the plain one. There's also a herb flavoured one which is yummy, but it's hard to find. I've only ever found it in Coles' at Woden. It's not Philly but it's pretty good. I'll have to give the jam and tofu trick a go. I like mine spread on toast with home made pumpkin and sweet corn soup. You must be onto something though because the website has a recipe for a raspberry cheesecake. I don't recommend this company's fake cheese though.

There is a good soy yoghurt - King Land. Comes in a variety pack of peach & mango, strawberry, berries, blueberry.. The tubs are half size but the yoghurt is fine - not gritty which is the problem with most soy yoghurts. Also, it says it's organic and non GM. I'm told there are 250g tubs around, but I've never seen them. Pity because I prefer the berries to the other flavours.

Can recommended, the Sanitarium So-Good Chocolate flavoured soy drink. Not low fat but yummy. So yummy that only one litre a fortnight is allowed in this house. Sanitarium's So-Good Chocolate pretend ice-cream is ok, too. Not the real thing, but not too bad for the ice-cream deprived.

I find I can't have cow or goat's milk products, buy sheep is fine (go figure!). Lemnos make a very nice sheep's fetta.

If Sanitarium, Kingland, Lemnos or Trialia Foods would like to sponsor this blog, that would be fine. Am prepared to take food, or fibre, for comment.


Margie said...

Oh I haven't tried the King land ones. I am a bit doubtful about trying them again after the rankness of the others.

I love Vitasoy soymilk. It's way nicer than so good. I use the lush vanilla vitasoy just in place of milk for everything. The Sogood vanilla tastes like custard which is not so nice in my tea.

I agree with you on the chocolate icecream. It's not bad. But my stupid litte freezer won't fit the 1L tub and so I can't really buy it unless I want to either eat the whole thing in one go (bad idea) or throw out the bit I don't use.

Lara said...

Ooooh ! Recipes please :)

ferg said...

Thankyou so much for the soy product appraisal. I tried some soy stuff a while ago and didn't like it and gave up on all of them but I'll have a go again now.
Cheers Gillian