Friday, August 04, 2006

Weekend's off to a good start

Thursday night SnB was great. Lots of lovely women doing lots of creative things. You ladies completely rock.

Spidey gave me a bag of spinning fibre that she dyed all for my very own. It's called "Mermaid" and it's gorgeous. All different greens with a little bit of purple in there too. Can't wait to get started on it but have to do my homework for spinning class first. Will attempt photography tomorrow.

Met a friend for an early dinner at Manuka tonight. Being librarians we chose to meet at Paperchain, one of Canberra's superior and independent bookshops. The last time I was there the design section, while really good, was noticeably lacking in knitting literature. Not so tonight.

Having fallen in love with Norah Gaughan's "Here and There" cabled scarf (nearly finished, Mum, promise) and finding several of her patterns from a 1991 Vogue Knitting International that happened to fall into my op-shopping bag last week, and having been told it has some larger sized patterns in it, I have been lusting after her newest book, "Knitting Nature". The woman is a cable genius, and if there's one thing I like, it's a good cable. So I didn't even hesitate to buy the only copy in store - AT FULL PRICE!

Didn't hesitate in buying this, either. Also at full price.

Not good enough? Well dinner was lovely - lamb tenderloins in a honeyglaze with a tomato and herb salsa followed by crepes with warm berries and icecream. YUM.

We were joined, serendipitously, by a researcher that Sue knows who is doing his PhD on Australian musical theatre to 2000. As it turns out he needs to use the performing arts collection I've been building at work! He's already been commissioned to write a book and he will be one of our first serious researchers to use and publicise the collection. This is EXTREMELY significant for us and very timely. You really can't imagine how excited and pleased I am.

Got home to find a lovely thank you card from my SIL's SIL for the red baby cardie I made for Baby Penelope way back in Feb. It's lovely to get a thank you.

Enough excitement now, I'm making a pot of tea and will be communing with Norah and Stephanie for a little while.

Even the thought of cleaning all day tomorrow in preparation for a month of visitors back to back is not as daunting tonight as it should be.

Hope you all have a fab weekend.


ferg said...

What a thrill to have assembled a collection that will be noted and of course notable. Many Congratulations!!!
Lovely books too,
Cheers Gillian

Dood said...

What a *good news* post! I love it.
Great news on the work front, I think the gods are smiling on you.
Also, love full price purchases, and even more, I LOVE paperchain!

This post made me happy :)

happyspider said...

SO glad you like it ^^