Sunday, August 13, 2006


Thanks to you all for posting such lovely comments. I will now assure you all that my father will NEVER EVER EVER get a handmade object from me again.

Our little love-in of last Saturday was over within 12 hours. My mother has pneumonia and was in bed for most of the week before and a goodly bit of this last week, so I've been doing the cooking, shopping etc. for them. No biggie, happy to do it. That night as I'm washing up, Dad let's me know that they are expecting visitors to come and stay with them starting this Saturday just passed. No amount of "MUM HAS PNEUMONIA AND ISN'T UP TO HAVING PEOPLE IN THE HOUSE" dissuaded him. The competition for most selfish man on earth is pretty stiff, but the search is over - I have a winner.

Combine it with my runny, oozy, hacky cold and the launch last week of a major project that we've been working on for 2 years and I'm just a little stressed and ready to use my super sharp dpns on my nearest male relative.

This did not, of course, prevent much knitterly activity.

I finished the "Here and There Scarf" for Mum on Friday night. She loves it. Here she is modelling it for you. Please remember she's been REALLY sick.

The moss stitch Patons Velveteen scarf was finished the week before and she's been wearing it pretty much non-stop.

Mum's very tactile, so she loves how the chenille and the moss stitch play against each other. Because it's knitted double stranded on large needles it kind of looks woven.

Do you like how both scarves match her favourite top?

I had anticipated taking one of the visitors to the Craft Show with Miss Maree and me on Saturday - largely because to get the visitor out of Mum's hair and because I'd promised Miss Maree I'd go to the craft show with her. Visitors didn't arrive until mid afternoon, so Miss Maree and I went on our own. Having been assured by Spidey that it was safe to go because their were only two yarn stalls (and I won't buy from one of them because it's run by a workshop Nazi - I'll tell you the story of last year's arm knitting workshop fiasco one day), so I was confident of just being able to trail around with Miss Maree looking at paper craft, country kitsch and other easily resistable stuff. I was not told there was a craft book seller there! These books just followed me home. Well, I'd show you them, but Blogger's being a bastard again. To be continued.


happyspider said...

yes... well. perhaps i ought to have mentioned it.. but you need SOME happy suprises!

Kate said...

Is the nasal specs because of pneumonia or does your mum have COAD? In any case, you dad should have considered that perhaps his guests (and they're more his than your mum's at this point!) might not appreciate being exposed to the bacteria if they're in frail health themselves, or the general awkwardness of having a host who's incapacitated! Silly duffer; I feel for you : (

In the meantime, I completely love the here and there scarf. I think I have to get the book, once I've recovered from the winter heating bill we've just paid. In happier news, the matinee jacket is finished and I'll post pictures when I'm back in WW this weekend.


ferg said...

The Here and There scarf looks terrific and when sufficient time has passed, I'll probably have one more go at it.
Hope your Mum is feeling better soon.
We're off to Melbourne for a couple of appointments tomorrow which means I get to browse in ARTISAN BOOKS in Gertrude street which is a must on any Melbourne visitors list of places to spend time. Fortunately it's just up the road from BOOKS FOR COOKS so you don't even get wet if it rains.
Cheers Gillian

Margie said...

Scarves look great and well loved. You've got a lucky mum :)

Arm knitting workshop? Qu'est que ce?

kylie said...

the things i would like to say about men, and fatherly ones, are better left unsaid but i am happy to say the scarves are both gorgeous and they suit your mum perfectly, you can never have too many scarves in shades of pink and red. hang in there ;)

Jejune said...

The scarves look wonderful, and it says much for your mum's appreciation of them that she's allowed her photo to be taken! Well done, 5 gold stars for you :)

And yes, I freely acknowledge that your dad gets to be top of the Compulsory Euthanasia list, with my awful father-in-law coming in a close second.... tonight we had the call from Vital Call saying that FIL's alarm had been activated and an ambulance sent out - so hubby rushes off there, only to find the power had been off (ACTEW tree trimming) and FIL hadn't been able to figure out how to re-set the machine, and had accidentally triggered the alarm in his erratic butotn pushing. And there he was getting my hopes up! Sheesh.

I remember you telling me about the feral knitting instructor last year... NOW YOU SHALL ALL DO ZIS, LIKE ME. VATCH! NO! NOT LIKE ZAT!