Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Weekend in Pictures Part I

Hopefully the my whingey evil twin from the last couple of posts has gone away for a while - sorry about that, folks.

Saturday Craft Fair book stall buys.

This one was REALLY cheap and the technique is interesting if not the application in this instance.

Can see it being useful for making floor mats and stuff. I will so too make floor mats, so shut up all of you.

Gillian, I blame you for the Knitter's Stash. Well, that and I read somewhere last week that the author had just died. Seemed like I should buy her book. It's lovely. I almost want to knit dishcloths. Almost.

Sensational Knitted Socks is just that and it has tables for large legs and feet and lots of different patterns with instructions for working 4 needles, 5 needles and 2 circs - so worth the very expensive price tag.

Luckily the Happy Spider and I bought completely different books and we're sharing types. Her jumper book is lovely, too.

Don't have a photo of the lovely sock yarn I bought. It's a cotton and wool blend, with just a hint of stretchy stuff and nylon. Predominantly cream with black and caramel. Knitted it looks like an Affogato.


ferg said...

Yes, I read that too, I think it was on the Interweave newsletter. Probably a really sad example of dying before you've even half used your stash.
Anyway it's such a lovely book you don't need any excuses to own it.
Cheers Gillian

Jejune said...

Ooooh now I'm jealous, and am going to have to steal, no, um, I mean ask nicely if I can read your books some time. I'll be extra good!

Bells said...

don't knock knitting dishcloths! I did it for years - well I crotched them. They're cool! My sister still won't use the ones I made for her - says they're too pretty to use!