Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Et tu, Jejune and Spidey?

See how liberal I am. I allow your defences of the evil craft through unmoderated.

It's just me and the Yarn Harlot against the tide of crap.

Saying the hook is useful as a knitting tool for picking up stitches etc is fine. Using an electric chair is a great way to crisp up some vegies, but I don't want to put it to the purpose for which it was invented.

Scrapbooking is pretty dire. I did a workshop in it once (long story, it wasn't voluntary) and it was scarily persuasive. Mind you, so was the Knitting with Dog Hair book and certain extremist political movements, but it doesn't make it right.


Sheep Rustler said...

CROCHET. There, I said it. I would happily see 90% of crochet patterns and crocheted goods consigned to the depths, but on the other hand there is genuine crochet art that I love (and do, occasionally, though not so much these days as I used to).

Scrapbooking - ugh. Stamping - well, for its original purposes, also ugh, but I am keeping an eye out for nice stamps to add to the occasional piece of textile art.

I won't even pass comment on the crocheted glass thong, there are children in the house.

kylie said...

oh im with you all the way although i do feel a bit bad for my diatribe, you dont want people you know and like to take these things personally, of course. i like the idea of being craft tolerant, but i think im actually a bit of a fibre facsist at heart. dare i start on macrame? (obviously i need therapy because my craft prejudices all seem to stem from traumatic chidhood or high school experiences :)

Bells said...

Good Lord! You really, really hate it that much? I'm here to talk if you need to, taph. :-) Sounds like you have some issues! LOL!

happyspider said...

forgive me taph, i am but a child with an underdeveloped palate...

Jejune said...

Yeah, Bells, she really hates it that much!

You have been very generous in posting my comments, Taph, as deeply upsetting as they are - and this doesn't mean I'm about to take up cr****t again (offers quantities of dark chocolate and fine tea).

And let's not even start on macrame, those plastic strings that kids make into long knotted useless thingies, decoupage, or ... now I've probably offended more people, so I'll stop right there and get back to my knitting ;)