Thursday, August 31, 2006

Operation Wipeout

Work is a complete bastard and the family even more challenging than usual. I am unable to control those things much but I must be in control of something, so this is the plan.

*cue the Surfaries* .... September is Operation Wipeout. Here's the list so far:

1. Unravelling

  • green opal sock (yep, I've called it a day with the mega sock. It turns out that I knit a whopping 2 stitches per inch less when knitting in the round - my gauge sucks like a Hoover) - 11/09
  • grey Kiri shawl (this may actually be cut and chuck because it's in Cleckheaton Studio Mohair)
  • navy Kiri shawl (also in mohair)
  • all reknittable jumpers earmarked for hats for the homeless (there are at least 3 of these)

Aran with bobbles - 9/09
Mid blue cardie - 4 or 5 ply - 515g 11/09
Mint green baby hat - 4ply - 50g 12/09

2. End Processing

  • press and wrap red baby jacket (10/09)
  • sew button on Rough Day Ruff (01/09)
  • finish embroidery on hats
  • put handles on loofah (01/09)
  • graft toe of baby sock A
  • line workshop sample and make up
  • cot sheets for Bek
  • sew tassels on novelty yarn scarf

3. Knitting

  • baby sock B
  • finish lacy rib sock A
  • knit lacy rib sock B
  • finish JEC's jumper
  • finish Celebate Vest
  • finish boucle short circuit curly whirly
  • finish navy matinee jacket
  • find and do something about Angelina (this will probably entail much muttering, measuring and probably unravelling)

4. Prep

  • organise hats for the homeless stash and equipment
  • organise baby stash including patterns and equipment
  • sort felted stash into colour

And then there's the Andean Plying Tools, the Niddy Noddies and the Lazy Kates that all need finishing.

Sometimes the outward sign of my inability to be in control is a radical hair cut (I wore a hat for 8 months the last time this happened), body piercing, contemplation of a tattoo or compulsive furniture moving. Another sign is the need to finish all projects currently underway and to over organise the various stashes. I think finishing projects and over organising the stashes is more positive than the other options.


happyspider said...

good luck with it all Taph. Did i mention i'm on prac at the moment /head explodes\

Margie said...

That's quite a list. But it will be ever so satisfying to knock it all off.

kylie said...

one can never have enough stash organising, esp if its instead of a piercing. and at least youre organising the stash rather than simply adding to it! have fun :)

ferg said...

The list is my saviour. When in doubt write a list and then do the easiest bits so that you can start crossing things off. As the list gets towards the end and has only tricky things left, re-write it adding some more easy things and using the excuse that the original one was getting tatty.
Cheers Gillian

Jejune said...

(((hugs))) Courage in the face of insurmoutable problems, my dear... and good luck with Operation Wipeout. I love lists too, and like you have been known to write down the things I've already done to have the immense satisfaction of crossing them off :) Does help you to see what you've achieved rather than focussing on what still remains to be done (which is never ending, as you know, life being what it is).

Bells said...

oh I'm inspired. Lists rock. I'm gonna make one too! And good luck with yours Taph. i watch and wait!