Thursday, March 29, 2007

Again. Again, again...

Beanies 2007.21 and 2007.22.

The last (almost) of the wool donated at the Harlot Happening. It wins the prize for immediate gratification garment. Cast on as Miss Marple started and the ends darned in as the credits rolled - 1.5 hours. It is knitted in Twilleys Freedom; a soft chunky single. The hat is knitted on 10mm needles to a Nora Gaughan pattern from Family Circle Easy Accessories : 50 chick projects to knit and cr****t, 2005. It took just over a 50g ball. By just over I mean I had to join a new ball for the two decrease rows and the sewing up.

Does anyone have a scrap of Twilleys Freedom I could have? A couple of metres will mean the second ball of this will not sit idle in stash waiting for me to find something cheap. I'm loathe to buy a whole ball for the sake of a couple of metres. You know it would mean buying about 5 balls so I could knit them all up and not waste the yarn.

I thought I could use something in stash. The Chinook wool bought in bulk (49 x 8oz skeins) from my favourite pusher last year says it knits to the same guage. I tried it with a simple single rib beanie on the same sized needles. The Chinook is, naturally, much bulkier than the Freedom so won't mix well, but it did make a funky chunky beanie. I'm going to play with this stuff some more. Oh, and it took 90g for this beanie.


Jejune said...

Wow, 1.5 hours must be a record of some sort! I don't think I have any Freedom left over from my failed attempt at The French Market Bag of 2005, but will double-check my stash for you. It is GEORGEOUS yarn, isn't it!

Isn't the new series of Miss Marple wonderful? Such a novelty to see new stories rather than repeats, too!

Olivia said...

That is a really lovely pattern and looks gorgeous in the green.

Caffeine Faerie said...

That olive green hat is simply beautiful!I may need to make my own!