Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tips from the Vault: Checked Fabric

Just for you, The Shopping Sherpa. Use hint with caution!


Check: When washing a garment of black and white check material, if a teaspoon of blue-black ink is put in the rinsing water the check will come out clearer.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Do you think I'd get the same effect if I just chucked a biro in with the wash?


Bells said...

oh the hints are back! Hooray.

Oh, and WTF????

Jejune said...

Eeeep! I think I'd be too scared to try this one! Can someone explain why the ink would make the black check darker and NOT completely stuff up the white? It makes no sense!

amanda j said...

Oh my, I could never throw ink in the wash!!

Sue H said...

??????????. Has anyone actually tried this? I'm not game to be the first one. lol