Friday, March 16, 2007

Knitting brush with fame

I have friends who do not knit. Well, some of them knit, but not like we do.

Sometimes these friends make me go to things that are not knitting related, nor particularly knitting friendly.

Tonight was dinner and a show. A prawn omlette and a beer at Woodstock (yes just across from the Starbucks we SnB in - got a few rounds in while I was waiting for my companion) followed by "Noises Off" at Canberra Rep where we ran into several friends and acquaintances and spent the interval chatting theatrical stuff with this man, actor
and director, Tony Llewellyn Jones. What a sweetie. Last time I saw him he was many years ago, 3 seats from me at the Sydney Town Hall, belting out Cwm Rhondda (my favourite hymn) at a concert by a visiting Welsh male voice choir. Here's something I should have put in 6 things you don't know about me - I'm a sucker for a male voice choir, particularly a Welsh male voice choir. Makes me go all week at the knees every time. Remind me to tell you about the time ... never mind. ;)

Didn't get any knitting done to speak of, but the latest Time Thief Watch Cap was in my bag hanging off my arm so it brushed fame.

Anyway - had a lovely night. The play was very well done, the company excellent and now I'm going to sing my weary way to bed.

You can take the woman out of the kirk.... *wanders away singing at the top of her lungs to the consternation of Westies and neighbours alike*

Guide me, O thou great Jehovah....


2paw said...

Excellent brush with fame!! I remember him from GP!!! I enjoy a good 'sing'. Best thing about church and school was being in the choir!!!

Sue H said...

I too am a sucker for a Welsh Male Voice choir, well I'm a sucker for just about anything Welsh. Perhaps it has something to do with me being half Welsh. I've always said the better half of

knittingkate said...

I'm not surprised the Westies were disgruntles - aren't they Highlanders? Do the Welsh qualify as Sassenachs?