Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm sorry, Mr Harvey. You were right.

Twice in two weeks I've been required to use what could be described as "proper" maths.

I'm relieved that I remembered the definition of a prime number, thus retaining superhero status in the eyes of my 12 year old niece. Two hours of working out primes and factors and weird pyramids and formulas with Emily tonight brought back the horror of high school maths. Geez I hated maths. I'm so proud of Emily. She really stuck at it and got the whole of the last problem done all by herself using a pencil and paper. Almost as proud as when she gave away a penalty shot in her soccer grandfinal on Tuesday night by defending a little too hard with her left elbow. They won anyway, and the ref was totally biased!

Anyway, the second maths challenge - last week at woodwork I correctly identified that the thing we really needed to work out where to place pegs on the skeiner was trigonometry - specifically tan and cos. Luckily one of the workshop is a physics teacher. He was dead chuffed to have a practical application.

So, my humblest apologies to the long-suffering Mr Harvey, my year 12 Senior Maths teacher. Yes, Mr Harvey, 23 years on, I finally found a use for trigonometry (and physics teachers).

I leave you with a totally gratuitous Westie pic. I got up at 5am, this is what I found in my bed at 7am. The mornings are definitely getting cooler.


happyspider said...

awwwww.... can you really be annoyed at that face?

amanda j said...

Too cute! I have never heard of anyone being able to use their trig! Well done.

kylie said...

ok this is a little bit freaky my yr 12 maths teacher was a mr harvey and i was the single most annoying maths student ever with the whole 'when am i ever going to use this' routine, to the extent where he told me to shut up and do my english homework, and then i leave home and go to uni to do psychology and whats the first subject do you think? stats of course. the name of mr harvey cursed long and loud after that. still do, to this day. nothing worse than a maths teacher who was right. you didnt go to school in tamworth did you? and there is no cuter dog than the westie.

Jejune said...

Two gold maths stars for you, Taph!

I don't think I've used trig either, although I did do stats at Uni... algebra is more useful, I find. And then, of course, I live with a theoretical astrophysicist who uses high-end calculus and worse every frikking day!

Mind you, he comes in handy when the kids need College-level homework help ;)

Peggy is as gorgeous as ever - it was lovely to have her visit along with you last weekend (even if my neurotic chihuahua boss-of-the-house was miffed).

Janette said...

That is one very cute little doggie.