Friday, March 30, 2007

Skeining the heights

Skeiner, 8am, Pearce
The last woodwork project is now (almost) done.
It's sanded, oiled and put together and until it was tested this morning, I thought it was finished. Turns out it needs a longer screw through the middle. Tomorrow. Spidey, hold off on the songs of angels for a day or so. ;)

Skeiner with pink cottton, 8.05am, Pearce.


Bells said...

i say break out the angel chorus anyway! Too freaking clever Taph. Just too freaking clever. Hooray!!!I would like to meet it in person sometime and stroke it with adoration.

Kate said...

Nope, I say the angel chorus kicks in now! It looks beautiful and cleverly copes with more than one skein size. Well done you!

I'm back in town this weekend but predict I'll be too tired on Sunday to do much after the travel. Did you want to catch up on Monday or Tuesday?

sue said...

Oh what a fantastic swift you have made. Wish I was that clever. Love all the pressies you received too, lucky gal that you are.

Susan said...

Excellent! You must feel very chuffed. I would. May you have many happy skeining moments. Think it's fantastic.

amanda j said...

Oh my goodness! You clever thing!!