Monday, March 26, 2007

I dips me lid...

Time Thief Watch Caps 2007.13-16

The Represent Christmas Pudding Hat (TTWC 2007.17)

Hats knitted from the donated yarn at the Harlot Happening. There's one more to come. It's a chunkier yarn, so it will be a different pattern to the Time Thief Watch Cap. I'm so grateful to whoever donated this gorgeous yarn - it was an absolute pleasure to knit with them.

Time Thief Watch Cap 2007.18
Knitted in Patons Jet. Soft and squishy and light in gorgeous colourway.

Time Thief Watch Cap 2007.19
Knitted in Cleckheaton Country 12 ply. Lovely springy all-purpose 12 ply in a rich purple.

Time Thief Watch Cap 2007.20
Knitted in Spotlight Basics range "Dashing". This knits more as a 10-ply and it's silky and soft and an absolutely joy to knit. This is bad news for me as I'm boycotting Spotlight Scablight because of its truly shameful industrial practices.

Finally, one of the berets I'll be putting in the TASDA raffle this year.

Yes, it does look like cat spew thank you very much, but it isn't finished in this photo. The bugger is, I've handed it in and forgot to photgraph the finished article.

It's Lynne Johnson's pattern for the All Sorts Beret. The technique is to knit a garter stitch beret using toning and contrasting yarns of different styles to create a rich, textured fabric. In the above shot, the ends are all loose. On the completed hat, I grub-stitches all of the ends in to add further depth and texture. Despite the use of eye-lash and feathers-style yarns, the result was gorgeous.

There's a second one in very similar colours in the pipeline. I've finished the knitting and most of the embroidery, but I need to photograph it before and after, so production has ceased for the moment.

The money from the TASDA raffle goes to Stasia as well. Last year we made shawls, scarves and wraps; this year we're making hats. We make about $2000 from the raffle and there are 70 or so prizes.


librarylass said...

Ooh ooh! I've a finished beanie too! I just need to seam and send!!

Those beanies you've made look absolutely scrumptious!!

Jejune said...

I've just finished my pink Jet beanie as well, will get it to you soon...

They all look wonderful Taph, even the octopussy thing that looks like it's about to crawl into the garden. I've seen it in person, and it *does* actually look rather wonderful :)

amanda j said...

Yummy hats! You must be able to do them in your sleep!

sue said...

Oh I have been looking at that Jet colorway for a while now at Spotlight. It does look nice, and the other yarns sound nice too. I still shop at Spotlight, as I know the people in the store I go to have worked there for years, and are very nice and helpful. I do know that there were issues last year about the working rights of employees at Spotlight, but hopefully things have improved somewhat. I love all of your hats by the way, and how awful to have a tummy bug all night. It sounds as though you did have a great day at the Yarn Harlot do too, and I did read a few other blogs about it too. What a great day out.