Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Not completely idle

Despite the lack of blogging, knitting has happened. Not all of it is photographed (or finished *sigh* yet) - but I'm working on it.

I present, in no particular order, a collection of the quick knits.

Two side-to-side scarves knitted from the BigW "Sean Sheep" purchased when it was 50c a ball before Christmas. These were intended for the TASDA sales table at the exhibition later in the year but I am (a) incapable of selling my knitting, even knitting of the novelty yarn variety and (b) a couple of days after they were finished I met someone whose daughter's favourite colours are pink and purple and who loves tactile stimulation. They've gone to a good and loving home. I was rather pleased with the silver beading on the fringe. One of the yarns had a silver thread through it, and the beads looked pretty bloody good. Here it looks like a cat o' nine tails - it was much less S&M in real life.

Then we have the dishcloths.
I participated in a dischloth swap. This saw a spate of wash cloth making from a variety of cottons in weird array of patterns. In the end I made 5 of the things, discovering a bias stitch (the red) that made an interesting diamond shape and is nice an nubbly on stubborn kitchen stuff. It's made from a reclaimed cotton. I have 4 jumpers worth of this stuff - get used to seeing it.
The mauve is one I sent my swap pal. It's a standard 8 ply knitting cotton in a pattern that I've not seen anywhere, but which just emerged from the needles when I was trying to do something else. It turned out great and mimics my favourite purchased pot scrubber that cannot be bought these days. I ended up making three of these before the size was perfected. The other two are in service in my kitchen. Conversion to knitted washcloths now complete.

Time Thief Watch Caps 2007.4-12 - examples thereof.
Slowing down on these due to a lack of 12ply yarn. Half of the above 9 are in 8ply and they take AGES to knit.
A trip to Vinnies Belconnen on Friday increased my bulkier yarn stash considerably. I purchased a large bag full of hand spun and spent 2 hours on Saturday untangling it and putting it into colours and wpi groups.
I also sorted the 12ply odd-balls into shades and discovered many long-forgotten UFOs.
The Shopping Sherpa helped with one of the hats (at an industry function, no less) and was instrumental in the bulk lot of hand-spun coming home with me. Many thanks TSS.
Re the UFOS. I've unravelled 2 part done Kiri shawls and other unravelling will begin soon. This will be aided by the completion of a skeiner at wood work class. Might be finished tomorrow night, might be the week after - but it's very close now. Unravelling will be but the work of but a moment when my skeiner is complete.
Hopefully the rest of the FOs will be photographed by the end of the week.


Bells said...

Oh you are so industrious! Have been wondering what's been keeping you from blogging. Good output and yes, those silver beads are darling.

Margie said...

Oh, frogging Kiri shawls, huh? I've done some of that too.
What is it about me and laceweight?

The trusty 2.25 mm dpn came in handy again on the weekend. This time it was to open the zipper on my lingerie wash bag after the tab fell off. Those weeny needles are mighty useful implements.

gemma said...

Everyone needs a collection of easy stuff to fill in on the days when the lacy 2ply shawl is just too much hard work.

love the hats.