Thursday, March 29, 2007


Look what arrived from Gemma today! They are gorgeous - thank you so much. The pinky grey ones are so soft and I love the regularity of the brown and grey one. It feels like the balaclavas Mum made my brother for the bicycle ride to school on frosty mornings.

And while I'm saying thank you. I also acknowledge the thought and generosity that went into these gifts (I'm slow, but I am grateful).

A month ago The Shopping Sherpa gave me this lovely tin. It is decorated with knit stitches. Mum confiscated it immediately I showed her but she did fill it with home made bikkies. Now if only I could convince her to refill it!

Gorgeous spinning fibre from Mandie and sock needles from a very generous mate.The fibre is waiting for my long holiday planned for late July and August, and the sock needles will go on holidays as well.

More dying by the Happy Spider. The woman's got it going in, I tell ya. Not all of these will be baby duds - the green on the far left just screams socks.

Spidey also dyed the skein in this picture. Its teamed with the leftovers of the socksual healing sock and a ball of Zarina sent by my washcloth swap pal. They work perfectly together - now to find a project for them.

Last but by ABSOLUTELY NO MEANS LEAST, the lovely, lovely dishcloths knitted by my swaps pal, Frances. Two gorgeous dishcloths, a ball of blue Zarina and much needed and appreciated darning needles. The note card has gorgeous sheep as the border.

I'm not much of an online swapper, but this was restricted to Australia and was a delight.


Anonymous said...

You are so welcome Taph - have fun spinning that baby up!
Have any of you Canberra girls thought about getting together and making the trip down here for the Sheep and Wool Show in July?You'll have a ball...I promise!

Bells said...

Loot galore!!! Wow. The generosity of the knitting world is astounding, isn't it? I adore those dishclothes - that's the Mason Dixon ballband one isn't it? I'm so making that.

Caffeine Faerie said...

Wow, what a treasure trove!

Thanking you for my care package too. I'm going to have one happy weekend with needles and wool. :)