Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In reply

Thanks to you all for your kind words about my tummy and the beanies. All is well now.

A few responses to comments. I hate that I can't reply easily with Blogger comments anymore, but I can't bring myself to install Haloscan and lose all previous comments - also it puts ads on the blog which I'm agin. So I'll do a response to comments a la Wendy.

Librarylass (and doesn't that name make my heart sing!) - look forward to your beanie and thank you for joining in. I'll put Jejune's just completed pink beanie with it to make up a little pile and take them over to Stasia very soon. She's shown me a secret place to leave them if she isn't home.

AmandaJ - yes I can just about do these in my sleep, but not quite - I'd get one or two more done if I could. And thanks for your email - I'll be brave and comment more often now. :)

Sue - we had a grand time and you won't regret the Jet colourway if you get it It looks particularly good on the reverse stocking stitch. I won't go to Spotlight because under the Work Choices legislation the company took away penalty rates in return for a blanket 1c pay increase. The gorgeousness of the new basics range (that "Dashing" is really silky) is going to test my resolve, I admit.

More later must dash to work.

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Lara said...

Good on you for sticking it to Spotlight. I think you and I are the only ones, but I bet they are hurting :)