Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Live wire

TWWC 2007.94 in fuse box

I just love finding new places to keep yarn.

AmandaJ wanted to know how I came to be taking photos in the loo yesterday. I knew someone would ask the loo question.

The camera was in my handbag, and I had my handbag with me, so when I'd finished what I was there for I took a picture. Now you mention it though, one of my superiors was in the bathroom at the same time (different stall) - wonder what she made of the flash. Maybe now she'll realise where the sun really does shine!


Donna Lee said...

I just figured you had a camera-phone and snapped a photo that way!

Jejune said...

Have camera, will shoot DAMN WELL ANYTHING I LIKE! Go Taph! LOL :D

amanda j said...

Haha! Love it!