Monday, September 17, 2007

On the job

So Margie included the results of a career quiz in her blog. It's from Career Cruising , (username: nycareers, password: landmark) .

I guess it's good the the three things I'm trained in are in the top ten, as are several other jobs I've done. Not listed here, though, are full-time stash wrangler or professional bargain hunter. Disappointing. ;)

1. Professor
2. Anthropologist
3. ESL Teacher
4. Foreign Language Instructor
5. Archivist
6. Economic Development Officer
7. Historian
8. Librarian
9. Editor
10. Dental Assistant
11. Computer Trainer
12. Medical Secretary
13. Foreign Service Officer
14. Funeral Director
15. Curator
16. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist
17. Nail Technician
18. Communications Specialist
19. Corporate Trainer
20. Tour Guide
21. Library Technician
22. Customer Service Representative
23. Print Journalist
24. Writer
25. Picture Framer
26. Market Research Analyst
27. Furniture Finisher
28. Sport Psychology Consultant
29. Human Resources Specialist
30. Health Records Professional
31. Critic
32. Dispatcher
33. Economist
34. Translator
35. Plumber
36. Technical Writer
37. Public Relations Specialist
38. Political Aide
39. Activist
40. Public Policy Analyst


TinkingBell said...

Seem to be a number of my jobs/careers in there - scary!)

Jejune said...

You've done VERY well! Mine was similarly pretty spot on (phew). But what is it with the Dental Technician thing? That was high up on my list too... I can't think of anything worse?! I also had Gunsmith in the top 10, LOL.

2paw said...

Thanks for the Daleks!!! Resistance is Useless!!!
Despie my best efforts I always come out as a teacher/professor career. Sadly, now I am a Labrador companion now!!!

Donna Lee said...

Mine came up with my current job-social worker. But I could also be a dental technician. Do they think the world needs more cleaned teeth?

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Aside from funeral director, I've probably have had to be all those with my kids at one point.

No wait...I've been a funeral director...we have a couple of hamsters die on us.

Margie said...

Yeah it really hit you spot on. I think the bad thing is mine is all things I'd LIKE to try but I took the "sensible" route through my tertiary education rather than going to art school which I probably would have loved. But with parents as artists I wanted a day job.

Kuka said...

meh.. it wouldn't let me log-in =(
In other news, of the dvd purchasey kind (my favourite, you know) did you get the original hairspray on sale somewhere??
I've been keeping an eye out for it on various bargain tables...

Taphophile said...

I've been thinking about the jobs list - those of us who reckon our lists were pretty spot on are *cough* older than those of us who got a more varied list. I wonder if we chose the answers that most matched what we do. It would be interesting to see what we would have answered 20 years ago.

Kuka, I got "Hairspray" at JB HiFi. It was in their catalogue a couple of weeks ago. You're welcome to borrow mine, just as soon as I retrieve it from Spidey. :)