Saturday, September 22, 2007

Bad and buggered blogger

A busy week Chez Taph - or rather not Chez Taph - haven't had a night home in over a week.

Not home = no blog but it doesn't mean no knitting. Neither does it mean no shopping, *sigh*. There's been a rather big falling down in the no shopping department.

The Lifeline Bookfair in Canberra is, reportedly, the biggest in Australia. I have to go for work. I line up an hour or so before the doors open with all other diehards, then storm the barricades. I worked on the latest sock in the queue (forgot to take a photo) spent three hours combing the tables for items for our collection and then checking with staff back at the library for holdings. In the course of this I have to pass the craft sections and it would be just wrong not to look. Result, 32 Patons patterns and a couple stitch pattern dictionaries into to the collection. Oh, and I made time to have a cuppa with TSS. We really should have thought harder about the likely pitfalls of a Seven Things Spring Challenge when Spring in Canberra means a Lifeline Bookfair and the school fete/garage sale season.

Add this to the 4 Tinkingbell sent, the 4 TSS found and the 6 I'd bought the day before, we have 46 patterns in this week.

After the Bookfair I popped in to the Salvos Store at Mitchell. Nothing to be had (much to my relief) but as I was leaving I heard behind me - "Just hold that bag open for all that spinning wool". It was mine within seconds, as was the bag of knitting yarn they were about to throw in the skip because it was so hopelessly tangled.

I haven't weighed it yet, but there is a substantial amount of dyed, ready to spin roving. Pretty good for $5.

An hour's work last night turned most of this tangled mess of yarn into 12 balls of Anny Blatt pure wool (roughly 12 ply), 7 balls and part balls of Patons Totem, and some part balls of Patons Bluebell. There is also a large tangle of wool still to be worked on. It's going to make wonderful TTWCs and wristwarmers.

Sometimes I'm just the panty liner of my wallet's incontinence.

Oh, and here is the one hundreth Time Thief Watch Cap for the year. It's knitted from natural greasy wool produced by the Little Bo Peep company of Geelong.

TTWC 2007.100

Speaking of Geelong - Go the Cats! (but if you ever tell Dad I said that, I will have to kill you).


happyspider said...

you really are an op-shop diva! wow!

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

What a terrific find in the spinning wool!!!!

TinkingBell said...

Well done - but wait till you see my 'OUTS' this week!

Love the wool - next time I'm in Canberra you can teach me to spin!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

You really know how to score at the Op-Shop thing. Wow, I really have to take notes. Don't worry about the balancing thing of the 7 things project....I'm sure that it'll even out in the end.

2paw said...

Happy Centenary Hat!! Excellent Op shopping finds too!!

amanda j said...

100 hats and go the Cats. I'm with you! In honour of my FIL!

All I got out of my op shopping yesterday was sinus and a jumper that doesn't fit. I have to come over for some training!!

Donna Lee said...

Op shops are like second hand stores? I've seen the term frequently and wondered. What exactly is "op"? We have thrift stores and Goodwill and Salvation Army and some churches run St. Vincent de Paul shops. I think they are pretty much the same as your op shops.