Sunday, September 09, 2007

As the Divine Miss M would say ...

"Don't brag about your body, baby,
And say that you're packin' a lot,
'cause all i see besides your big feet
Is that you got big socks."

So true, but now my big socks are hand-knitted.

Yes, these are the ones I knitted on the road trip with Mum way back in April from an Opal kit TSS frugalled for me last year.
Following a grafting fuck up (for future reference: toes are horizontal, NOT vertical), these have been languishing in the AID pile.
Please note the near identical nature of these socks - a feature which pleases me no end.

The Happy Spider rescued them for me yesterday. Thanks, Spidey.

72 stitch sandard pattern in Opal faux-isle on 2.25mm needles. Note to self - decrease a couple of stitches before the heel and don't forget that whole horizontal toe thing.


ferg said...

I'm reading your blog backwards so there may be a comment out of sequence when I've got through the previous one.
Cheers Gillian

happyspider said...


Bells said...

oh nice work. They look great. What's the secret with decreasing before the heel? Is that just for your foot or is it a good rule of thumb generally?

gemma said...

love the way the toes are yellow, what a happy colour. Great socks!

Olivia said...

Very nice! Good work with the matching stripes. I can't picture that vertical graft thing, wish you had taken a picture!

Michelle said...

Fantastic socks! Now I know what you were talking about tonight!

Jejune said...

Yay! Well done Taph!!