Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Time Thief Watch Caps 2007.101-104

It's a sad state of affairs when the WIPs one reported a fortnight ago are the same today.

The Khaki Cables Cardie is exactly as it was two weeks ago. Perhaps next week.

The Short Circuit Scarf has progessed but only a very little bit. Mum and I are off to Leeton this long weekend for the Stanbridge Reunion. Stanbridge is a small district outside Leeton and is where my mother was born and grew up. I was going to take some special yarn and a lovely pattern and knit something pretty for me but this scarf is screaming to be finished and I'm pretty sure Nanna will like it.

The socks. Mum has claimed these. She decided that they would suit her very well, despite previously stating that she didn't want colourful socks, and that they were obviously far too small for me anyway. OK, fine, she can have them. I'd finished one sock and had got to the foot of the second when I worked out that I'd measured the foot from the back of the heel instead of the gusset and had made them about an inch too short.

It took me nearly a week to work this out. Pissed off with myself and disappointed, Spidey took pity and unpicked the toe at SnB last night. They are not going to be finished for Mum to wear away this weekend as planned but I'll take them and hopefully finish them.

TTWCs continue apace. The acquistion of a new 4.5mm x 60cm circ is a boon (I have 6 now) and I've pressed into service some thicker needles to deal with the chunkier yarn that was at repose in the bottom of the beanie boodle. With The Shopping Sherpa helping out, several beanies will be out there soon.

So what else to take away for the weekend? I'm leaning towards Barb Coddington's Clafoutis socks for a bit of instant gratification and maybe another ball of sock yarn just in case.

Speaking of Socks, if you're into it, you can still join the Southern Summer of Socks. I don't KAL, there's enough deadline pressure in my life, but it does look like fun.


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I know all about screaming's downright maddening.

Hope you have fun this weekend.

Anonymous said...

We should've been meeting up this weekend - one day!
Have fun, will be thinking of you :-)