Sunday, September 23, 2007

Seven Things Week Three


  • 1 handknitted vest by and from the Happy Spider - this is to be unravelled for TTWCs. It breaks my heart to do it.

  • 1 set kitchen cannisters. I had a little falling down at the charity stall at Fyshwick markets last Sunday. These were $1.00 the lot and so very cute.

  • 4 books : 1. No Great Mischief by Alistair Macleod which I've been wanting to read for a while 2. A Mills and Boon, The Librarian's Secret Wish, which Spidey spotted and which had to come home. 3. Trick or Treat by Kerry Greenwood - the fourth Corinna Chapman book. I don't keep many novels anymore. Usually they are read and BookCrossed. The Corinna Chapman series is one of them. I pay full-price for these books (a very good indication that I love them) and they are only loaned to people I trust to return them quickly and in good order. 4 The Lighthouse by PD James. I am devoted to PD James. I can justify this purchase (op-shop of course) because not only will I read it, but Jejune is a fan, too - we often swap books.

  • 3 pieces vintage fabric spotted by Spidey - damn that woman's good, maybe too good! They went immediately to TSS, though.

  • 1 lot of white roving, a gift from the lovely Sarah. It's one of Mandie's.

  • 1 small bag of yarn from the markets charity stall. I love the vintage Patons Azalea/Cr***et Twist. I have a plan for all the bits and pieces of it that lurk in the boodle.

  • Pink yarn for socks for Mum. It matches exactly the pink in the socks I'm currently knitting her. I should get a pair of plain pink, then a mix and match pair out of the remnats of the two yarns.

  • 6 fashion mags from TSS. Is it fair that one of these is one I gave her ages ago?

  • 1 knitting bag - beautifully fashioned by TSS. Now I have a nested set.

  • 1 x 5k rice bag to become a project bag (see Shake-it-all-about, below). Also from TSS.

  • 2 videos - Series 1 of The Office and Anne of Green Gables. From TSS, drat her. These will be watched and quickly disposed of. Put your hand up by email or in the comments if you want these after me.

  • 46 knitting patterns (mostly Patons) - big thank you to Tink and TSS for their contributions

  • 1 bag roving - yes we are a little creative with the maths on this one.

  • 1 bag yarn - more creative maths.

  • 10 books through BookCrossing. These were some of the 31 donated in Week 1. BOOKCROSSING

  • 2 kid's magzines also in that box of books. To nephew. GIFT

  • 4 kid's puzzle books from the same donation. My nephew loves puzzles and not many of these have been done already. GIFT

  • 1 teeny little book from that same donation. It's going to the local library for a special display. GIFT

  • 1 embroidery primer. GIFT

  • 2 felt craft kits - off to Mum to keep the grandkids occupied during the holidays. GIFT

  • 8 fashion magazines. GIFT

  • 4 balls Patonyle. GIFT

  • 2 cr***et books. See! I have tried to overcome my prejudice - I failed. GIFT

  • 1 summer hat. I love straw hats but this one is nasty and scratchy. Yeah, I know I could sew lining in it but I just don't need it. SALVOS

  • 3 coffee tins. SALVOS

  • 2 plastic coffee measures. RECYCLING

  • 1 plastic water jug which came with an iron. RECYCLING

  • 1 back pack. Too big as a day pack, too small for a weekend away. SALVOS

  • 3 cosmetics purses. SALVOS

  • 4 little candles. SALVOS

  • 4 packets fragrance sticks. SALVOS

  • 1 fragrance stick burner. SALVOS

  • 1 metal biscuit tin. SALVOS

  • 2 old keys. RECYCLING

  • 1 leather purse. MUM

  • 5 pieces vintage fabric. TSS

  • 1 white toothbrush. TSS

  • 1 bottle Baileys Irish Cream. I know this is a consumable, but I can't drink it so to keep it is to hoard and getting rid of hoarded, useless items is the name of this particular game, so I'm counting it out. GIFT

  • 1 new satin nightie. GIFT

  • 1 pencil case. GIFT

  • 1 pair summer cut-offs. Faded, zip broken, mis-shapen. RUBBISH

  • 1 tube hair gel. This has been in the bathroom for years. The kids are having a "makeover" day at Nanna's over the holidays. This is part of my contribution to their fun.

  • 1 lip gloss. I'm over 40 - what do I want with pale pink lip gloss? More for the kid's makeover.

  • 4 broken hair combs - RECYCLING.

  • 1 old dog brush. Broken and useless. RUBBISH.

  • 1 telephone holder. Purple satin with shiny things all over. This was a gift from an old boss who hadn't a clue what I liked. We never got on. Off to one of the nieces. GIFT

  • 1 garlic slicer. A gift from someone who knows I like kitchen gadgets, but this is a silly drawer clutterer. SALVOS

  • 1 mobile phone handbook for a phone recycled last week. RECYCLING


  • 3 TTWC. To be fair, TSS helped. She is currently without a portable project so she knitted on a couple of these during our mini pub crawl on Monday and at the movies (free at the National Library) on Thursday.

  • 5 x 5k rice bags transformed into knitting project bags.

These are great for carrying small projects and only once has it caused any problem in public. The cashier at Woollies tried to charge me for the "rice" I was carrying through the checkout. She hadn't seen me knitting a TTWC in the queue. I've been using these as small project bags for a year or so and they can be used just as soon as you've emptied the rice out of them. The bags are roughly and cheaply made, though, and the fabric edges usually raw, so I overlock the edges before washing the bags and then using them. Fewer nasty cotton threads tangling in your latest sock that way.

I have several bags that are white and two that are yellow. The white ones are for TTWCs and the yellow ones are for socks which makes packing the knitting bag so much easier on busy mornings.

The zippered bags also make great laundry bags for lingerie and other delicates. That was a tip from the Happy Spider.

IN 70
OUT 78

nett out: 8


The Shopping Sherpa said...

That's an impressive list out Outs!

Well done you :-)

TinkingBell said...

You are so good - but see if you can beat 4 tonnes of wood!!

Seriously - I'm very impressed - however I intend to add to the in list next week!!! Hahahahahahahah (maniacal laughter)

ferg said...

You must be amazed at the size of your place now that you can see so many walls. Well done and I just wish I'd been nearby to be on the receiving end.
Cheers Gillian

Donna Lee said...

I never thought of using the rice bags that way! What a good idea. They would be a perfect size for a small project.

Margie said...

Oh I didn't know there were FOUR corinna chapman books! I have just finished number two. I've been devouring the library of late. I'm-a-gonna hunt me down three and four then! Is number four only just new out?

Thanks for the tip!!

kms said...

i laughed out loud at the idea of the librarians secret wish. i look forward to reading your precis of this tome, and its close affinity to the every day life of the 'real' librarian! hehehe xx

Kate said...

Oh, goody, a new Corinna Chapman book. I LOVE this series; Greenwood is such an entertaining writer. I love the Phrynne Fisher serious too, but not as much. The common element for both is the fun of reading about Melbourne geography past and present : )

Will be sending you photos of madam in her matinee jackets soon. She growing terribly quickly and so she's wearing them whenever we exit the house to make sure she gets good use of them. When she has grown out of them, could you let me know how you would like them to go on to the next little kiddie? Have you someone in mind or would you like me to pass them on to the next winter baby I meet in 2008?

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Wow...great list of outs.....between you and Tink, I think that I'm falling behind....Maybe I'll have to get creative this week.

I hear you about P.D James. I've read one of her books and now I'm hooked. I'll have to look into other titles.