Saturday, September 08, 2007

WIP it! (with apologies to Devo)

Startistis is gnawing at the admittedly shaky resolve to finish some of the projects already on the sticks before succumbing to the tempations of new infatuations.

These are the projects in current rotation.

Short Circuit scarf in mystery boucle.

The yarn emerged from a boodle box of textured but not bad yarns. I imagine that it came from an op-shop in a bag of yarn bought for something else in it. The yarn has been unravelled from another garment and there is quite a lot of it. The boucle bit is plum and the plying thread is dark navy blue. Knitting it on 5mm needles (lovely vintage red plastic ones) gives it a lot of drape. This was started in July but abandoned in the whole mix up over my leave dates. It's mindless enough to be out and about knitting so I'm trying not to waste precious home time on it.

Plain Socks in Heirloom's Jigsaw sock yarn

The yarn is from the considerable sock boodle and I think it came from Cassidy's in Jamison last year. Started a week ago so I'd have an easy sock for toting around, it has progressed to the heel. The intention was to work on this at lunchtimes but the first week back at work was a bit full on and it was only knitted during one lunch-time. Will try harder next week.

"Khaki Cables" by Penny Ollman from Knitter's Magazine Winter 2006

This is the project I took away. There is a completed sleeve and half a back is currently on the needle. There's a front done as well, but I buggered it up and it will be unravelled in the fullness of time.

The cable pattern is lovely and easy to remember, definitely a Good Thing TM. I've made sizing alterations. The pattern is for quite a short cardigan but I've done the maths (several times *sigh*) and my version will be a-lined and below hip length. I'm praying that I have enough Cleckheaton Country Heathers to finish. Loving the green. This is my at-home knit. At-home doesn't happen very often, so this could be a very long time being finished.

And the needle is an Addi Turbo. I was not an fan of the Turbo but it's definitely the right tool for this job. I still don't like the short shank on the shorter length Addis, but this one is long enough to manipulate easily.

As usual there are five TTWCs on the go. They don't really count as WIPs as they are constant. Why five? That's the number of 4.5mm x 60cm circs I have and it's convenient to have them loaded and ready to go at a moment's notice. I also aim to have at least one paler-shaded TTWC available for knitting in low light levels (movies, lectures etc.). It's also useful to have a few on the go because sometimes it isn't always possible to knit the "finishing" stage on dpns and participate in other activities (like walking).

There are other projects lurking in the WIP/UFO basket but I'm ignoring them until something can be achieved with these babies.


2paw said...

The Green Cardi is my favourite of course!!! But I see the need for mindless knitting!!!

TinkingBell said...

Oh lovely Taph - I usually have the plain sock out of amusing yarn for travelling in the car and knitting at playgroup, and the complex or larger project for knitting at home - as my knitting time is only 2 hours a day and I love to finish stuff, that's really all - maybe one other ifI just can't resist!!!

Bells said...

I'm impressed with the green jumper. I love the combinations. Very, very nice! I have a yearning for green right now.

Jejune said...

I'm so glad you're making something for yourself - the green cardigan is just gorgeous (but you know I'm a sucker for cables ;)