Thursday, September 27, 2007

Seven Things Week 4

Publishing early because we'll be away until late Monday.

As I was sorting and packing clothes this week, I pondered the nature of things - why we buy them, why we keep them, why it's hard to get rid of them. Particularly with clothes I buy a dream. A dream of what I will look like, how I present myself and the life I live. Advertising is predicated on selling us not just a product but an image. Giving away the things is like letting go of the dream or at least the possibility.

  • 1 large cone of white woollen yarn $10 Vinnies. There is 1.7+ kilos here. Enough for a garment for me - wheeeee!
  • 1 pair RM Williams Boots $40 Vinnies. Exactly a week after deciding to have mine resoled and heeled I find a pair for less than half the cost of refurbishing the old ones. These are new and have a differently shaped toe. And now I find that it will cost significantly more than $100 to repair my old boots so just as well these found their way to me. Not repairing the old ones - will keep them for gardening.

  • 1 pair tortiseshell knitting needles $2 Vinnies

  • 1 circular needle $2 Vinnies - a 4.5mm x 60cm circ, just what I use for the TTWCs.

  • 3 sets dpns $2 Vinnies. I set of 2mm sock needles and 2 sets of 4.5mm for the TTWC. Now I have more than one set I'll be able to leave a set a work and a set in the car - I seem always to be without these dpns when I need them.

  • 1 green stripey t-shirt $6 from Vinnies

  • 1 black cotton jumper $5 Salvos

  • 1 black cotton lace cardie $6 Vinnies

  • 1 bag polwarth/silk spinning fibre bought from Helen Rippin, the evil temptress.

  • 3 fashion mags from TSS and I'm still working on the last ones she gave me!

  • 1 exhibition catalogue from TSS - bless her.

  • 14 Patons knitting patterns.


  • 58 items of large women's clothing to women's refuge. DONATION.

  • 5 eco-shopping bags that contained the clothes for the refuge.

  • 5 books. BOOKCROSSING

  • 1 pair navy trousers. These finally bit the dust. I've been wearing them for more than 10 years. They are shiny with age and frayed and worn around the hems and along the crease line from ironing. RUBBISH

  • 18 pencils. From a sponsor in a previous life. Got the work budget for the year and pencils for clients is something we can't afford to buy. DONATION

  • 1 pair slippers. Sad to see these go, but they are cracked across the sole and stiff from being wet and dried so many times - we have very heavy frosts and dew and these often protected my feet in the morning hanging out washing etc. BIN

  • 2 videos. The Office and Anne of Green Gables which TSS gave me last week have gone to my brother and his family. I didn't enjoy The Office so much, but renewing my acquaintance with Anne, Matthew, Marilla and Gilbert was a very pleasant three hours. One of my aunts, whose family nickname is Carrots, gave me all of the Anne books as a child. What better gift for a bookish, fantascist, redheaded niece! It was from one of the Anne books that I first thought of knitting as work. The story was set during WWI and the women were debating whether knitting on the Sabbath was permissable if they were knitting for soldiers. I remember being quite shocked at the tender age of 8 or 10, that knitting could be considered work - I thought it was just something women did! I gave all my Anne books to my bookish, fantascist, redheaded niece a few years ago. GIFTS

  • 2 knitting magazines. GIFTS

  • 2 Winnie the Pooh Tupperware bowls. As the child I had these for turns 13 in a couple of weeks, it's time to let them go. GIFT


IN 29
Out 94

nett out 65


The Shopping Sherpa said...

That's an impressively good effort. Well done!

kms said...

goo score on those boots, i know someone who just paid 300 smackeroos for hers!

kms said...

i meant to say GOOD score on the boots. *sigh*