Sunday, September 09, 2007

Seven Things Spring Week 1

  • 3 knitting magazines (Knit Simple, Vogue Knitting and Knit 'n' Style)
    1 fashion magazine
  • 31 books donated by well-meaning friends to BookCross. I don't mind, but did it have to be THIS week? Every effort will be made to release them next week.
  • 4 knit-lit books (Knit Lit 1-3 and Knitting Yarns and Spinning Tales) accepted from The Shopping Sherpa. Be warned - DO NOT participate in the 7 things challenge with friends who are likely to offload their 7 things on YOU.
  • 2 lots of yarn also from TSS. 650g of Patons Sunspun textured 8ply cotton in dark purple (I'm thinking Everlasting Bagstopper) and 325g of Cleckheaton 5ply boucle wool in a dark cerise colour which will probably end up as a small child's cardie.
I can explain the knit-lit and the yarn; really I can. This sorry tale should serve as a warning to all - DO NOT leave home without your knitting.

On Friday I had a client visit mid-afternoon clear across the other side of town. I was in a rush and hadn't eaten and raced out the door grabbing back-pack, donor forms, explanatory stuff for the client, coat and keys. At the first red-light the sickening realisation dawned - my knitting bag containing the sock-on-the-go and 2 TWWCs which was in the tea room in prepartion for lunch-time knitting.

I did not panic. I took a deep breath and tried to think happy but non-knitting thoughts (there are some, admittedly few, but some nonetheless - puppies, babies, sunsets, that kind of thing; just don't think about knitting dog coats, baby booties or while watching the sunset and you're fine). The time was 2pm.

The client visit was lovely. He was showing me 600 odd photographs of the building of and life in a retirement village. Wonderful social history document. I was keeping it together and then came the photo of 15 or so women in the community room all knitting. Let's just say that I had a vision of the future and it was good but it did remind that there was an evening ahead that was yarn-less. I felt a twinge of anxiety but covered it by telling the client about Stitch 'n' Bitch (because if you can't be knitting the next best thing is talking about it). Lord love him; he'd heard of us.

By 5.30 I was in Civic to meet TSS for an exhibition opening. She noticed the missing part of my ensemble immediately. Twitchiness was also apparent - she offered alcohol which distracted me for a while but it did little to dull the developing craving. I resisted the urge to stroke the hand-knitted jumpers and cardigans and a particularly beautiful shawl of the other guests and settled for standing quite close and affecting a nonchalant and definitely non-stalker attitude while inhaling the yarn fumes. It worked to an extent but an hour later we were in BigW looking looking to score. The Jet was all gone but I fondled a couple of balls of Sean Sheep and we laughed and pointed at the nasty self-patterning acrylics which took the edge off what was now becoming a full on craving for yarn.

We were also hungry and decided we'd drive to TSS's, leave the car and walk to her favourite Thai restaurant. This is when it happened, I opened the boot to take out the fabric I had for her and she handed me 4 knitting books and a bag of yarn. She took advantage of my weakened state and I was powerless to resist. It was 8pm - I'd been without yarn and its accoutrements for 6 hours.

  • 4 fashion magazines. GIFT
  • 3 knitting patterns (duplicates from my collection of vintage Patons patterns - more of that next week). GIFTS
  • 1 DVD (Ally McBeal the first series. Look, it was $1, I loved that first series, and it was a really good thing to take away with us. Now I'm inflicting it on someone else.) GIFT.
  • 11 books via BookCrossing
  • 2 items of West Highland Terrier memorabilia. The crappy planter and photo frame were gifts. I treasure the thought behind the gift but don't need to keep the objects themselves. SALVOS
  • 3 vintage embroidery books. I can't successfully multi-task embroidery and I get a frozen shoulder from too much fine needlework. GIFT
  • 1 box assorted vintage stationery with a floral theme. Yes, I could use it up but I have heaps of vintage stationery and this is going to an appreciative home. GIFT
  • 2 handbags: 1 black leather; 1 my original "Classic" Kangarina, the bag that changed the way I view handbags - it's a cult thing. SALVOS
  • 2 black leather wallets: 1 that was perfect - soft leather, just enough compartments but the coin purse stretched so much I kept losing my small change. SALVOS
  • 1 pair cheap sunglasses that came free with a lipstick last year. SALVOS
  • 1 pair cute cats-eye glasses frames in which I considered putting my own lenses. SALVOS
  • 1 zebra-stripe faux fur handbag. Scarily, I have a skirt that matches this. Love the skirt, the handbag is too much! SALVOS
  • 1 coin purse to match zebra-stripe faux fur handbag. Donated to TSS for possible recycling as a miniatures something. GIFT
  • 1 old mobile phone with cow-print cover. RECYCLED
  • 1 child's cow fancy dress costume. Frugalled for a friend's children but it was too small. Going to a work colleague with a suitably small child. GIFT
  • 12 pairs of pantyhose. Mum used to work on the hosiery counter at DJs. Our hosiery stockpile was legendary. Mum gave me these to recycle as knee-highs and hair elastics (a tutorial on that later). They've been here at least 6 months, so they are going to someone who might actually use them. GIFT
  • 1 shabby chic style purse purchased and used as a knitting equipment holder in the days when I only did premmie knitting in breaks at work, dreamed of bigger projects and hid it all over the place from a non-supportive partner. I don't have to hide knitting any more and this is far too small. SALVOS
  • 1 silk jewellry pouch. Given to a jewellry making friend for a gift bag. GIFT
  • 24 sewing patterns sold on eBay. SOLD
  • 3 pieces of fabric to TSS, because turnabout is fair play!

Only a single TTWC completed this week, and it hasn't been photographed yet.

In 71
Out 76

I should feel like a failure, but I don't. I tried really hard to review some of the collections of things in my house (I got rid of handbags for God's sake!) and find good homes for them. Registering and releasing books is time-consuming as is eBay selling.

Congrats to the other Seven Things Springers. Five Ferns Fibreholic has posted - snaps to her, she got rid of yarn! TSS has posted and had the good grace to feel bad (but not TOO bad) about offloading stuff on me. TinkingBell emailed about her progress and it's good. Very good. Ferg's having to move house again so she'll be hard at it. Jay appears to be blogless, but cheers for Jay. Seepi, also blog-less, has reported her progress in TSS's comments - excellent start. Lastly, we've been joined by BB who had a bit of a setback on her first day. I feel your pain, BB.


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Not quite how I remember the handover but then again I had taken advantage of the free grog at the opening so what do I know?

And I just knew you could turn my 27 balls of wool Out into 2 project-lots of wool In!

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Whats the Knitter Magazine like compared to say Interweave knits(my local newsagent is slack and Im sure WA is the last to stock this magazine alone!)?
I couldnt give my wool stash away Im adicted too much!!!!

seepi said...

Yes - I can feel myself getting ever closer to getting a blog!

One other Seven Things Success I had this week was that I helped a friend empty her whole flat in a day (going OS suddenly), and I didn't bring home too much of the free stuff on offer. I did get a whole box of books, but at least most books are fairly easy to get rid of once I've read them.

Taphophile said...

Well done, Seepi. It's so hard to turn down the free stuff; and really you were just helping out a mate.

Guru, I've emailed you about Knitters' Mag vs Interweave et al.

TSS, It so TOTALLY was how it happened - well mostly - and I never said I was a very reluctant victim. ;)