Saturday, September 01, 2007

There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance

TTWC 2007.93

The last of the Jet that Georgie donated, resting on the rosemary hedge.

I had a lovely time this afternoon with some of my favourite knit bloggers and cr***eter at Georgie's this afternoon. We welcome her to the Sisterhood of the Sock. Those sausage rolls were to die for, George - thank you.

Rosemary is one of my favourite herbs -it's so robust. Potato wedges baked with salt and rosemary; chicken breast marinated in a little oil, lemon juice and rosemary and grilled; lamb roasted with garlic and rosemary.

I planted a rosemary hedge at the highest point in the yard, behind the rose garden in the south west corner. I wanted this to be my vegie patch, Dad wanted roses. I lost.

When Dad trimmed the hedge last autumn I found the clippings on the trailer with the rest of the rubbish to go to the tip. I rescued a green shopping bag full and took it to work to share with my colleagues. Our tearoom smelled divine for a week.

The neighbour behind has his potting bench in that corner and I can tell when he's been potting because the dogs smell of rosemary from trying to get through to "help" him.

This morning I succumbed to the latest Knit Simple which has several designs I like, and the most recent Knit 'n' Style which despite an unfortunate tendency to novelty yarn, has some great patterns this issue; patterns that will fit if I knitted them. Excellent. I'm taking them on a trip to Young tomorrow. No, not to the fabulous Wool Room Country Store, one of my fave yarn stores, but to watch my nieces and nephew play soccer. After tomorrow's 400k round trip, I do not wish to drive again for some time.

Welcome to fellow Seven Things Spring (or September for the not so stuff-challenged), Tinking Bell, Five Ferns Fibreholic, Ferg, and Jay who shouted out on TSS's blog.


Donna Lee said...

Our venerable rosemary bush finally died this year. I think the groundhog in the backyard had something to do with it. My husband's favorite dish is pork roast with figs and rosemary. I just like the smell and stick sprigs into whatever vase of flowers i happen to have at the moment..

Michelle said...

It's also nice on home made pizza with steamed sliced potato and red onion and LOTS of cracked pepper. Yum.

You know, Annie Modesitt would be disappointed in you - she really believes that you should use the full "crochet" word in your blog so you can fully understand knitting ;-)

TinkingBell said...

Yes 7 things started yesterday with 2 boxes of children's toys off to the child care centre along with a sturdy ridealong too small for the kids, some training pants for a friend, and cots sheets also for the creche - this is a small not-for-profit centre. There's also a HUUUGE bag for lifeline - first of many!
I have lots of rosemary - intended originally for a hedge, all planted for cuttings - local bees adore it - and so do I!!

2paw said...

I've missed the whole '7 things' thing. But lovely hat, and I have the new Knit Simple too, and it DOES have some really nice things!! I actually want to knit them, well, next Winter!!!