Saturday, September 15, 2007

TTWC 2007.99

This yarn was from the other child's sized jumper bought at Laurieton St VdeP (see yesterday's post). It's Patons Family 12 ply. Five beanies came from this jumper.

How do I know what the yarns are when it comes from a completed hand-knit? It's a gift.

I come from a family of knitters. Mum and my maternal grandmother knitted so I've seen a lot of ball bands. I also worked in David Jones' while I was at high school and college. Although I mostly worked in the Manchester department, it was next to the Haberdashery department and that's where the yarn was. I fondled a LOT of yarn. It also explains the mega fabric remnant stash I once had.

Also, I've been buying vintage, and just plain old, wool from op-shops for years.

Having bought a LOT of wool, both new and used, I've got a yarn memory that stretches back about at least 50 years.

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