Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Emergency Knitting

You know how your Mum always said to have clean underwear on in case you had to go to hospital? Well I reckon, always have a portable project with you in case of an unscheduled (and how could it be any other) trip to the Emergency room of your local hospital.

Monday started as Mondays do - racing around getting ready for work, thinking that an extra day in the weekend would be handy and glad I'd packed my bags the night before, stripping the bed for it's weekly wash, handing the dog over to Dad for doggy-daycare etc. - drag into work, with long list of week's to dos and jobs for all staff. Had just poured a coffee and was deleting the weekend's SPAM when my name was urgently called and I raced downstairs to find one of my staff had fallen on her way in and was in a great deal of pain from a foot injury. Couldn't move her big toe and the foot was swelling in an alarming fashion. Off to the hospital we go.

Thank heavens for knitting. In our two hour wait to be seen by the triage nurse I cast on the second wedding hat and knitted most of the band. The fact that I missed a major pattern error and had to unravel it all last night is immaterial - I had something to do!

Oh, and CC has cracked the bone in her big toe and is a fair bit of pain. Nasty for her :( .

Jejune - with yesterday's emergencies, didn't get to tension square the wool, will do it this lunch time.

HappySpider - I'm sure purl girl would work in wedding invitations and extends the plans for long-term committment based on pissing of mother-in-law no end ;)

Kate - Knitting Olympics not for me. Given our country's usual results in the Winter Olympics, unless I can be the knitting equivalent of Stephen Bradbury, can't see it happening. Now if it was the Knitting Commonwealth Games, different story! :)

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happyspider said...

You're a GENIUS! it would drive her NUTS! mhuah ha haha hahahahaaaa!
hope your colleague is ok :(