Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Will the very young and/or easily offended, please turn away now


Thanks, had to get that off my chest.

Who would have thought the words "I deeply resent public holidays" would come tripping off my finger tips?

Got home at 5.10pm to find a card in my letterbox (parcel available after 4.30pm) for my new needles. Tomorrow is a public holiday. I have all day to knit with my brand new bamboo dpns and they are stuck in a bloody post office 2 kms away until Friday morning at 7.30.

I've done the bands on both the Wedding Hats and am up to the change needles bit, which is where that parcel from The Wool Shack, on which I spent extra money to have delivered express, comes in.

You would be advised to to turn away again.


Sorry, I'm frustrated and tired and I want my new needles!

However, spent a lovely evening with my family, the kids were delightful, Mum in good humour, Dad didn't nag, we had a good bottle of red, a lovely lamb roast, the dogs all behaved and I finished the band on Wedding Hat No. 2.

Hope everyone's national day off is relaxing and knit-filled.


happyspider said...

oh no!!! poor taphophile, thats the biggest pain in the southern hemisphere!
ooh :(
PS. the shearing shed left a message on my answering machine to say she had 2.25/2.5 ish dpns in but she didnt say they were bamboo or not. will i grab you some if they are open tomorrow and they are bamboo?

Taphophile said...

Thanks Spidey. Yes if they have bamboo dpns grab those sizes and I'll see you right next Thursday.

happyspider said...

no problemo mate :)
(Sorry about the tag :p)

happyspider said...

aaannd they were closed for australia day. worth a try.

Susan George said...

I feel your frustration. The odd thing about this is that around here Oz Post has taken to leaving my parcels in the letter box - not just Express Post Bags but small boxes too - and if they are too big, then on the front door step. I haven't had one of those blasted little cards for years (at least 3 or 4). Would have thought that there would be a consistent policy on this??? I had just assumed it was a cost cutting / efficiency measure to stop double handling?

Taphophile said...

MOSTLY parcels are left, as you say, in the letter box or on the front step, although I think they only leave them on the step when Dad's around in the garden, so they think someone will be taking it in soon.

We recently built a new letterbox and the parcel lady asked us to make it a big one because I get so many parcels.

This was in a post tube, but one would think that as it was an EXPRESS delivery they would have left it (there was nothing else in the box).

When I lived in a flat in Sydney the policy of Oz Post was to leave a card. They never delivered parcels.