Sunday, January 22, 2006

PROJECT - BC Wedding Hats

PROJECT: BC Wedding Hats
RECIPIENT: Woosang and Gunzel412
MATERIALS: 8ply Heirloom, black, small amount yellow
EQUIPMENT: bright read plastic dpns (all I had) and 4.5mm dpns (no I don't have them, yes, I'll have to buy them)
PATTERN: This is one to make up as I go along. The Needle-Beetle has two good patterns I'll use for sizing , the Seaman's Cap and the Match My Coat Cap but I'll have to graph the motif myself. Jejune has promised to help with this bit .
DUE DATE: 13 Feb 2006
CAST ON: 22 Jan 2006

My friends Woosang and Gunzel412 are getting married. Woosang in particular is an evangelical BookCrosser. Prompted by Jejune, who is a creative genius and a bad influence, I'm gunna try to make them matching caps with the BC logo knitted in. They'll certainly be unique. And if this sounds like an odd present to you, the you don't know Woosang. She used the BC logo on her wedding invitations!


Jejune said...

Oh, I'm glad they're going to be black with BC image in yellow - I was imagining them the other way around, and VERY bright indeed!

I'll start my attempts to design Ballycumber for knit, so it will be ready quickly (ie before the wedding!).

What is your gauge? I need to know so I can make the right sized graph paper...

happyspider said...

thats so..... weird is the word i'm struggling for. i doubt i'd ever get away with the SnB purl girl on my wedding invites (though if i start nagging now...)

Kate said...

Are you going into the knitting olympics? The due date for these ones exclude them as a project but you could do another?

I'm getting so inspired by everyone's projects that I'm strating to think that I should give this a go myself and bugger the other project committments!