Friday, January 27, 2006

Update on the Davids

Started using the Davids this lunchtime. Bliss. Jejune had her new Addis as well, waiting on names for hers.

Managed a quick sneaky wrist measurement of Jessica this morning, so should be able to complete the wire bracelets tonight. Must admit to feeling a bit like the witch in Hansel and Gretel when I wrapped my fingers around her wrists to measure! She didn't twig which is good. Ah touching, the trusting innocence of youth. ;)

Re knitting with wire.

Got my first knitting wire as part of a kit at a craft show. Fantastic because it was already threaded with beads. However, you can buy it at bead shops and some craft outlets. Look for 28 gauge wire - it comes in lots of colours. The one I'm doing the girls' bracelets with is a bit thick to knit comfortably, but it's ok. It doesn't have a gauge on it, but bigger than 28.

Use metal double points. Use OLD metal double points. You will never be able to use these needles for wool again, so the older the better.

Don't cut off the wire too soon. You need about 4 times the length of the wire to beads threaded. It's best to leave it on the spool if you can. Always leave long tails at the beginning and the end, you will be "sewing" your fixings with these.

Pull the "fabric" as you go to stretch it. My first bracelet is now a choker because I didn't stretch as I went and continued to stretch on my arm.

There's good basic information here . I have other links somewhere and will hunt them out. Some of the knitting mags have started printing some wire knitting patterns as well. Will also find those over the weekend.


Susan George said...

Thanks for the advice - will search out the wire. Looking forward to seeing your bracelet - hope you post a picture.

Taphophile said...

# 1 bracelet is done and dusted, and #2 is all done bar the fixings. Will post a photo next week.