Thursday, January 26, 2006

National Day Off

Due to equipment failure (to be here - see previous post), two more projects have been started, instead of two FOs being shown off. The wire bracelets for the twins' birthday are due at the same time as the wedding hats, so thought I should get a wriggle on.

Knitting with wire is great and the results are spectacular. Talk about getting a lot of bling for your buck, but threading all those beads takes FOREVER! All afternoon spent threading thousands of the little buggers onto thin purple wire. Then they had to be rethreaded when I cut the wire too short to actually knit more than two rows.

Anyway, number one is all but complete - just need to check wrist sizes.

And Spidey, thanks for trying with the needles. How dare that shop be closed. Hope you didn't go all the way over there to find it shut.

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Susan George said...

Any recommendations about where to find out more about wire knitting? Particularly about the right gauge and where to purchase?