Monday, January 02, 2006

FO: Kelly the Kelpie's Jumper

It's done, even all the ends are darned in! Looks good, but oh that wool!

The best thing about the Lincraft Cozy Wool is the colour. Apart from that, it's rough, short stapled, full of joins (7 in one 50g ball) and organic matter. Not the worst I've ever knitted with, and I guess it would felt really well, but I wouldn't choose it for a garment.

So how's that - two FOs and only two days into the year! Feeling pretty chuffed.

My unexpected house guests left me a gift of a hack saw, so I am off to make my niddy-noddies.


happyspider said...

thats a speedy FO!
i've got my new bobbins and they are wonderful! such a pity i have to work and cant stay home worshiping them all day :p
good luck with the niddy noddy

Taphophile said...

Woo hoo - new bobbins arrived without incident. Drat about that work thing!

happyspider said...

weird crazy bizarre turn of events - due to the shop windows being vandalised i dont have to work til wednesday. im obviously a horrible person because i am more relieved that i dont have to work than i am upset for my boss having to pay $8,500 to get them fixed....
i'll punish myself as soon as i've spun this chevre... (*holds nose)

Sheep Rustler said...

Cosy does felt really well, I've made a couple of things out of it that I;ve felted. But it IS horrible to knit with and is veru coarse - hope the dog doesn't get itchy with it on! And be careful washing it or you might end up with a thick felted coat for a chiahuahua (never know how to spell that). My dog eats any coat, blanket, etc made for her so she now only gets lengths of polar fleece with no handwork.

Taphophile said...

I'm so glad our dogs LOVE their coats. We'll see what Kelly does. Polar fleece sounds like a good option - thanks Sheep Rustler.

Jejune said...

Well, thank goodness that job is done. That wool sounds like one to avoid!

Our chihuahua isn't so convinced about dog jumpers... she only wears them under sufferance. But they do keep her little short-haired body much warmer in the depths of winter... plus we can make fun of her! Taphophile made her the one with dinosaur spines down the back ;)

The latest indignity? She's still recovering from having green and red stripes painted across her back in food colouring, by my festive teenagers... let's just hope she never sees the photos!