Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mega Bitch

How was tonight's Stitch 'n' Bitch? 9 of us (the biggest turn out in ages) and several interested onlookers. Most of the onlookers were supportive/enthusiastic although the guy who asked me if this is a regular "knitting circle" won't ask that particular question again!

HappySpider and Jejune were making great progress with their orange, red and green patonyle socks, Twisted Gabriel was working on several scarves, Othlon did a lot of untangling but the shrug is nearly finished, Camille's multi stranded knit is looking great, Jordan's dolly clothes are a fantastic colour combination, Vanya's mobile 'phone cosy progressing well, Sharon's teal scarf is nearly there and I'm still going with the **&&^^A##&%*#! Once More From the Middle Shawl.

Lots of enthusiasm for a Sunday meet, so we'll get to meet twice monthly for our knitting in public fix. :)

Jejune is going to do a poster for the various yarn and craft stores around town to publicise us.

The trading basket went well, too. Got shot of all the useless Placed in welcoming homes the yarn I took and there was support to make it a regular feature.

Everyone was sweet about my impromptu media appearances yesterday; thanks for your support ladies. Note to self - NEVER wear white to work again - you know what happened to Moby Dick.


Kate said...

Dear Taphophile,

Thanks for alerting me to the S'n'B in Canberra - this is great news and I'll advertise it around my work in Canberra as I know there's a few keen knitters about the place.

Unfortunately, I don't get into Canberra until 5.30 on Sundays and then leave on Wednesday morning so I just miss out on all of these. Pooh. I'll have a look at BookCrossing as this is more doable and I'm a bibliophile as well : )


Taphophile said...

Shame we don't fit your attendance, but hope to see you at BookCrossing.

We did discuss last night applying for a grant to fund a bus to take us to Wagga Wagga each month - connecting women or something like that. ;)

happyspider said...

I'm very excited about the trading basket, and thrilled to offload my powder puff on Jordan! hurrah, can't wait!
that was so much fun, im so glad we're doing it more often.
also, my boss says we can put some flyers or cards at the counter (a girl bought some knitting needles today while i was eating my lunch and i missed out on the 'join us, join us' opportunity! i cant believe he didnt come and get me!!!! aarrrghhh!!!. though i dont think we had any matching ones so i dont know which ones she bought... :p

Jejune said...

It was an excellent evening - and I loved your idea of the trading basket. I was amazed and delighted that the Barbie Spew Feathers found a new home with Vanya :)

I now have several more projects that I simply MUST do, as a result of last night... the incredibly delicate and light top that Sharon was starting on, and the Scribble Lace which was in Jordan's very cool book... great to put faces to names, too.

Hope to have the poster ready soon!

Taphophile said...

Spidey, your boss is definitely on the idiot side of normal intelligence, isn't he? But good that we can poster the place.

I cannot believe anyone took the Barbie Spew, but very grateful they did. Nice of Barbie herself to put in an appearance as well. ;)

That Scribble lace was fantastic, Jejune. Have to agree with you there.