Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Basic Instinct

Because sometimes it's all about garter stitch scarves in novelty yarn.

One of the young men at work dubbed this the Sawfish scarf.

Heavily based on the Worm Scarf by Julie Weisenberger of Cocoknits, it's 100g of Emu "Mikado" (bought at the Bargain Hunter in Queanbeyan for $1 a ball) on 7mm needles. As far as novelty yarns go, this thick and thin blend is OK to knit with. 62% acrylic, 20% wool, 17% acetate and 1% metal thread.

As this took about four hours to knit and there are four more balls of the red, and one of electric blue in boodle, I foresee several more Sawfish scarves in my future. I've already cast on the second one.


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

It's still Tuesday here and I'm about to settle down to spend the evening you think that I'm getting predictable???

I didn't check out the pattern ofr the worm scarf but is does resemble one of Lucy Neatby's designs...the sea lettuce scarf.

2paw said...

I think your scarf looks like exotic coral, or a pink anenome!!! You have been really knitting so many hats, I like the green one!!!