Monday, October 29, 2007

Unashamed of the strength of my needs

Others will have posted about how fantastic our day with Helen Rippin (above) of Waratah Fibres was but it's my blog and I'll bore you if I want to.

An early start meant a fatty breakfast at the golden arches in Goulburn where Spidey and I indulged in the mental chasing of sheep in a nearby paddock. Spidey also made the mistake of pointing out a couple of Westies in the carpark. I can be surprisingly speedy given the right motivation and my sprint to hijack Piper and Lucy, the wee Westie sisters, was just the excercise I needed. I won't go on - you'd have to love a Westie to understand. I may have delayed our trip by half an hour and made small children cry; I am unashamed.

Helen generously welcomed us into her home and arranged to have her friends, Glenda, Phil and Chris, there to wrangle us. Helen and Glenda have experienced the full-frontal attack on their wares by Spidey and me before - it was a sensible precaution.

Eleven of us, including the Monkey Sherpa, who charmed all with his fibre-fu, descended locust-like on Helen's home where a spindling class was set up in short order.

There was a cup of tea and some delicious home-made slices and pikelets, a quick trip to the auto-teller for extra readies (not just me), more S.E.X. and spindling.

Then there was lunch. Home-made gourmet pizzas (to add to her attractions, Helen is also a chef) and garden salad.

Lunch over, a dye worshop took place.

Then another cup of tea and birthday cake - KMS had the birthday we all wish for - and it was time for us to say good-bye.

Jealous? You should be. Helen Rippin's spinning and dying is divine. A BIG thankyou to Helen and her friends and to our Happy Spider, who organised our day.

Wanna see what I bought? Manana. ;)


Gillian said...

You must have been blogging this just as I surfed and flicked through all of it.
Looking forward to a tour of the Graveyards.
Cheers Gillian

Bells said...

No boredom here. Just envy. I'm coming on the next roadtrip!

TinkingBell said...

Lovely lovely lovely - you are a quack of lucky ducks (or should that be a dabble of lucky ducks!) - By the way are we a yarn of knitters, a fibre of knitters or a purl of knitters?

Taphophile said...

The collective noun has to be either a stash of knitters, or perhaps a ravel?

Michelle said...

Mmmmmmmmm yarn!

I'm not at all bored - the more stories about this wondrous and happy day the better, in my opinion.

Jejune said...

What a wonderful day, I'm so glad you had such a brilliant time - WITH Bonus Westies! Doesn't get much better!

Olivia said...

I, too, am a sucker for little white dogs.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Jealous??? Why yes.....yes I am.

2paw said...

Oh I saw the Westie pictures at Ms Spider's blog!! I was a tea last night with Jock, the one-eyed Westie. He is so cute!! What great day, I was not bored by your pictures AT ALL!!!

Neet said...

Great pics Taph!! I'll have to link to yours as I left my camera at home on Saturday! Ooh... I am just busting to spin now!! Ordered my spindle from the OBD Markets on Sun... get it next week!!! (not sure if i can wait til then, I'm definitely hooked!!)