Tuesday, October 09, 2007

London's burning with boredom now

and the constant stream of TTWCs is boring me, too.
This evening, The Shopping Sherpa and I enjoyed Joe Strummer : the future is unwritten. Two middle-aged librarians knitting beanies through a bio-doc - the essence of punk and the freedom to choose. It could only have been more appropriate if we'd failed to pay for our tickets and liberated the wool.
Between us we finished these two beanies and made good headway (sorry) on a third.

TTWC 2007.111 and 112 enjoy salt and pepper squid at Gus's after the flicks

The interviews with Joe's contemporaries are interesting, but it is pity they weren't all identified until the end. It's hard to evaluate someone's opinion when you can't quite place them.

The film has a fantastic soundtrack, not only The Clash, but Elvis, Harry Belafonte, The Sex Pistols and Nina Simone. About three quarters of the way through, however, I felt like lighting up and grabbing the nearest hairy punk wannabe that my father disapproved of. Ah, happy days.


Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I tell DH that it was his blue eyes but deep down I think he knows it was his motorcycle that caught my attention.
But he was clean cut, responsible with a good job so there was nothing my parents could really disaprove of. Where's the fun in that?????

TinkingBell said...

Alas - ditched the wild ones and settled down with the accountant - at least he listens to the Clash!!!

Margie said...

How could you possibly bored after knitting the same thing only 112 times in a year? That's hardly any repetition at all! Crazy talk.

If you'd like some variation I'd be happy to pass on the Carla pattern. That takes a 40cm 4 mm circ though and 70g of 8 ply yarn.

Not quite as simple as the plain stocking stitch but they are second nature to me now. And I've only knit about 20 of them. Rank beginner!!

Har har.

seepi said...

If you need a small project there is some demand for 100% wool pants for babies to wear over nappies. You can charge a lot for funky ones with animals on them etc, or you can make really simple ones which are just a massive triangle of plain knitting.

I made one of those, which is the only thing I've knitted in about a decade. Unfortunately turned out about twice the size of my baby...

Donna Lee said...

If you lit up inside here you would be thrown out before you could get your hands on the punk wannabe. Weird, looking back, isn't it?

Sue H said...

Maybe time to start looking for other quick knits. Love the hats though.

Lara said...

I felt like lighting up and grabbing the nearest hairy punk wannabe that my father disapproved of.

Tee hee. Nothing like being pregnant to make me identify with that statement :)