Monday, October 22, 2007

The Casting (on) Couch

TTWC 2007.118 with sage flower (the Control beanie)

The Shopping Sherpa and I are getting pretty good at this movie knitting. I cast on and knit the band prior to the movie, TSS knits to the decreases and I do the decreases during the film. Then I darn in the ends over a bevvy afterwards.

While I'm doing the decreases and finishing off, TSS grabs the next prepared hat. We usually get a full hat and one or two part finished ones done per film.

TTWC 2007.119 in Cleckheaton "Landscape" with my weeny mandarin tree

I love how the yarn coordinates with the crushed brick mulch in the background.


Donna Lee said...

What a clever pair you are. It's too dark for me in most movie theaters and my husband gets a little fiddly when I pull out the knitting. It's ok. I can knit during the previews and hold his hand during the movie, especially the scary parts (he is a baby sometimes).

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

I knit socks at the movies...just the leg or foot portion. I just can't do the heel or toe portion in the dark. I'm impressed...Kudos to you for being able to decrease in the dark.

Taphophile said...

I tried socks this week but didn't go so well - changing needles was a bit of an issue. The decreases on these hats are really easy.

Bells said...

I want to know how this oh so neat system started!

Taphophile said...

Erm, well it started because I always have at least two beanies with me at any given point and TSS gets twitchy if I knit and she doesn't. Now I just prepare extra for when we're going to be out together. Once she has a portable project again, the system will break down.

Michelle said...

Personally, I am inspired by both the hats and the brick mulch!