Saturday, October 20, 2007

Snow job

TTWC 2007.116-117. The purple one is officially known as "Spring Snow"

Sometimes a freebie is worth what it cost.

Wednesday saw The Shopping Sherpa and I at a free screening of Spring Snow based on a novel by Yukio Mishima at a short Japanese Film Festival. I read Mishima when I was young and desperate to appear literary. The film was 3 hours long. We knitted - beanies and socks. Probably just as well we had some distraction as the 16mm film dragged somewhat and there were two intermissions to change reel (which was quaint).

Sometimes, though, a cheapie is worth much more than you pay. Today we went to 2-for-1 matinee session of Control, the Ian Curtis biopic. Compelling viewing. Made me very glad I didn't marry at 17. The film was based on Curtis' widow's biography and she was one of the producers, so there's a bias up front. Photographer Anton Corbijn directed and the cinematography is brilliant. Each shot is stunning.

Didn't so much want to grab a disapproved of punk wannabe with this one, as yell at some old boyfriends who abused Curits' lyrics to excuse their own adolescent self-indulgences. Time to let go.

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