Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bling ... and more beanies

It's not so much that I'm bored with knitting the beanies, although sometimes that is true but that's usually fixed by a diverting colour combination or an interesting yarn or a boring meeting, but I am kind of tired of seeing them and there's only so many ways to display them.

I finally found the jump rings (not with the beads as would be imagined). The earrings that have been waiting to be transformed managed to become stitchmarkers this evening.

10 stitchmarkers from 3 pairs of earrings. I know they don't all match the jump rings, but be blowed if I'm buying more jump rings.

TTWC Jr 2007.113

Bottle green recycled Patons Jet and the last of the recycled Patons Family 12 ply in beige with a green fleck. I ran out of the Family a couple of rows short of ideal, but I'm trying to accept near enough on this one.

TTWC 2007.115.

Vintage Patons Jet. The navy was from my Nanna's stash (mostly acrylic I'd bought her for blanket squares and left behind in Leeton thank you very much), the light blue was a 25g ball from my boodle. This beanie is staying to be worn at my nephew's football matches next year. These are his school colours.

TTWC 2007.115

This rescued Anny Blatt is gorgeous to knit with. Smooth and just a little sproingy. TSS did most of the knitting on this one.

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