Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Small but perfectly formed

That was SnB at the Courtyard Cafe in the Quality Hotel in Dickson. Prices are good, meals look ok, service was slow but perfectly accepting of knitters. The atmosphere would be improved by the addition of more knitters, in fact.

TTWC 2007.109 on the tram wheel

The tram knows how to show a beanie a good time. Here the beanie is reclining on the "round steery thing at the front" (thanks for the technical info TSS). Much better photos are bound to appear on The Shopping Sherpa's blog soon.

TTWC 2007.110 from reclaimed yarn


Bells said...

I would have liked to have made it. Just a bad week for nights out for me. I'm very keen to check out the new venue. I think it sounds perfect for us!

Jejune said...

So glad the new venue looks more promising. I've updated our Communities Online listing as well :)

Michelle said...

It would have been improved even more by the addition of one more crocheter!

Unfortunately I was double booked, but I'll be there next time for sure.

2paw said...

It is hard to find a good cafe-type place to knit. Our place closed the cafe so we are trialling new places!! Nice hats, and I like and the round steery thing at the front. It sounds just like me describing my telephone cable thingy to Telstra!!!