Thursday, October 25, 2007

First Pissed the Post

It's been awhile since I posted drunk. I'll try to be more discreet this time. Should be interesting because I've misplaced my spectacles as well.

I'm going to shock you and use the "C" word. Yes, that's right, it's 2 months until Christmas.

Forget trying to get all that knitting done. Gift vouchers are what the muggles really want. That or the actual cash. We want them to want the knitted stuff, but they really want money. They know they are going to get the knitted stuff anyway. They know I'm we're compulsive in this regard.

What this is, is the post for your loved ones. It's the knitting equivalent of circling the Angus and Coote catalogue and leaving it in really hard to miss spots in the house like pasted to the back of the toilet door or sandwiched between December 23 and 24 in their diaries (not that I've ever done that or stuffed it in the space between the cover to the petrol cap and the actual petrol cap in the car because that would be dangerous).

What do I YOU want for Christmas?

Well, you want a hand-made, absolutley gorgeous knitting bag from The Shopping Sherpa.

You also want hand-dyed yarn from the Happy Spider and/or Monsqueak.

You want hand-dyed fibre from Ewe Give Me the Knits and hand-spun yarn from the Wool Dancer.

You also want a top-whorl spindle from Yarn Magazine to deal with the fibre and make your own art yarn, and a subscription to Yarn.

And to knit it all up you want Knit Picks Harmony needles from Donyale. OK, so it's the Options at the moment, but she'll be getting the Harmony in really soon.

***late edit*** - don't forget Jejune's Knitting Cards. She even has a Christmas one.

That and whirled peas.

None of these talented and wonderful people know I'm posting this - I have received no inducements - their wares are inducement enough.

Right, off to finish off that bottle of local organic wine and pass out over the latest novelty yarn garter stich scarf.



Bells said...

I've had actual requests for socks. So I'm making them!

What's the wine?

Kate said...

I love your drunk posts! although this one takes me as being only tiddly.

Have just broached the subject with H.I.. Hope springs eternal!

TinkingBell said...

Have a list that includes membership of a certain sock club (think chances are slim!)
Like the squiffy posts!

Sue H said...

I've left hints many times with no success. I know I'll get nothing knitting related for Christmas from the men in my family, but I got an early Christmas present from my beautiful daughter, and I'm knitting like crazy now. hehe

Donna Lee said...

How did you know what I wanted for Christmas? Actually, I have a birthday coming up very soon and they keep asking what I want. I keep telling them and they say, no, really, what do you want? I guess I could hit someone on the head with the knitpicks catalog but I really am anti violence. Why is it so hard to believe that I might want some knitting stuff for my birthday?

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

It took 15 years but DH now gets me something knitting related every Christmas. But, just in case, I have been waving around a subscription form from Interweave Knits in the hopes he picks up on it.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Thanks for the plug!

Donyale said...

WOW! Like-wise - thanks Taph.

Mandie said...

Arriving late to thanks for the mention Taph :-)