Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Thriftie bitts of meate

Black Lamb and Mother

From the many, many postcards Nanna collected on her trip to Europe and the UK in 1989.

Most are going to a BookCrosser who collects such things but I'm keeping this one.


happyspider said...

eeeeeeh! soo cute :D

kms said...

well i never! spider did you have something to do with that?!

seepi said...


I had vintage postcards celebrating the end of WW2 in Paris etc, from my Great Aunt which I kept for years, but eventually got rid of - I wish I'd kept them now.

Taphophile said...

Oh Seepi - I would have kept the VE postcards, too.

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Where can I get a fleece like that!!!!!

ferg said...

Had a lovely walk over the Durham Moors today where all the sheep have black faces, long black legs for heather vaulting and long tails. Their facial expressions, however, are the same the world over.
Cheers Gillian