Sunday, October 28, 2007

Seven Things Week 8

Could not be arsed taking photos in really poor light conditions this week.

In (16)
  • 1 rug wool cutting measure. A gift from TSS. When I say gift, I mean if she hadn't handed it over I was stealing it, with force if necessary.
  • 1 bag grey 8ply . When the caller ID says it's TSS I know there's a decision or a pronouncement to be made. Usually it is "Yes, bring me the yarn you just found in an op shop". Sometimes, it's "No, TSS, you do not need the collected works of the Muppets on VHS", but usually it's "Yes, I'll take the yarn". This 8ply is part of a job lot I agreed to take for Mum's mitts. Most went to Mum (she's particularly thrilled by the 2 x 200g of Bendy 8ply for $4), but there's enough here for a garment of some description, so it's at my house.
  • 1 donated fashion magazine
  • 2 lipsticks. Each of my three lipsticks is at scraping out with a brush point. The Body Shop has new matte lipsticks in acceptable colours. Unfortunately they bleed like buggery - I am VERY disappointed.
  • 1 present, a beautiful and thoughtful gift. Festival of Birth celebrations are beginning 6 weeks early.
  • 3 big plastic tubs - excess from work. To store the beanies, wristwarmers, scarves etc for next winter. One for Stasia's Soup Kitchen, one for the women's refuge, one for special stash.
  • 1 vintage Patons pattern for the collection
    4 quantities of hand-dyed and spun yarn from Waratah fibres
  • 2 sets bamboo sock needles

Out (96)

  • 4 pairs pantyhose GIFT
  • 5 magazines GIFTS
  • 56 books BOOKCROSSING
  • 1 bag packing peanuts GIFT
  • 3 sewing patterns. GIFT
  • 1 shopping bag full of assorted bathroom junk - shampoo bought and used once or not at all, pots of pedicure cream gone rancid in unopened jars, unused smellies received as gifts from people who know me not, samples from magazines and show bags, colour rinses I moved into the cupboard 3 years ago etc. What could be recycled was, the rest was binned. RUBBISH.
  • 8 plastic containers. RECYCLING
  • 2 ceramic pump action lotion dispensers. SALVOS
  • 1 puppy harness. SALVOS
  • 1 OXO peeler. SALVOS
  • 1 cot organiser. SALVOS
  • 2 cook books. SALVOS
  • 1 pair sandals. SALVOS
  • 2 pairs boots. SALVOS
  • 7 old magazines. RECYCLING
  • 1 book for the ACT Heritage Library. DONATION

  • 3 beanies
  • 3 scarves

IN 16
OUT 96



The Shopping Sherpa said...

That's an impressive amount of Outs!

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

Personally, I would have counted the lipstick as a consumable and not put them into the in column.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Well done!!!

Michelle said...

But most importantly, how was Bundanooooooon?

kms said...

"4 quantities of hand-dyed and spun yarn from Waratah fibres; 2 sets bamboo sock needles" does anyone else remember there being SIGNIFICANTLY more than this in a certain basket? or was it REALLY all for 'other people'?!! and i dont see on your list there the gorgeous gifts that came my way xx

Taphophile said...

Kylie, you are cruel! There really was only 4 projects. There were several actual items, but only 4 projects. I forgot about your pressie - I'll put it in next week.

Donna Lee said...

I think it is amazing that you let go of 56 books! We are finally through the winter/summer clothing changeover and have collected our bags of unworn or unloved garments for the donation box.

kms said...

hmm ok, 4 projects, i'll take that. and dont think i begrudge you your little haul. i didnt exactly leave empty handed either!!