Sunday, October 14, 2007

Seven Things Week 6

I usually reconcile to loss quickly but leaving Sydney 4 years ago both precipitated and extended the process in some areas of my life. This week I've managed to let go of some of the tangible reminders of the children I once parented and an old love. It was time. I don't need these things to remember them by; they will always be a part of me.

I have rather over compensated for last week's set back. Sunday was spent dragging boxes and suitcases from wardrobes. I set out with the aim to find all the summer clothes, iron what needed to be ironed and discard the rest. 12 hours later I couldn't sit down and relax, it had become a compulsion. Most, but not all of the ironing was done. By the end of the challenge I would like to be able to get all of my clothes into a (very large) built in wardrobe and a chest of drawers, rather than spread over three wardrobes and three chests of drawers.

Thank you all for your kind words about dealing with Nanna's things. I'm bracing myself for a sort through of the china and linen this week. Unfortunately the china cabinet was lost in the move, so space will need to be found. Eek!

IN (26)

  • 1 bag (7 x 200g) Bendigo 8ply in dark blue - enough for a garment for me! $9 Salvos
  • 1 bag (14 x 50g) Patons Herdwick 8ply in a natural brown - cabled vest for my brother $7 Salvos
  • 1 bag (6 x 60g) Cleckheaton Landscape in brown fleck - TTWCs $2 Salvos
  • Vintage Jet from Nanna's stash (now a TTWC).
  • 2 padded coathangers - gifts for speaking to a community group
  • 3 fine linen hankies $2 Salvos
  • 2 pairs pantyhose $1 Salvos
  • 2 pairs stockings $1 Salvos
  • cotton batting for a special project (20cm)
  • 14 books for BookCrossing
OUT (176)
  • 2 sewing patterns. Testaments to good intentions. GIFT
  • 1 bra - unequal to the task. BINNED
  • 80 items of clothing to women's refuge. I really do think that will be the last of the clothes clear out, but you never know. GIFT
  • 1 bolster cushion - hideously malformed and useless for anything else. Insert BINNED, cover SALVOS
  • 1 bolster cushion - in perfect order but excess to requirement. SALVOS
  • 1 handbag. SALVOS
  • 13 hard plastic coat hangers. RECYCLING
  • 5 pairs of shoes - honestly thought I'd got rid of these ages ago, but there they were in a box in the spare room wardrobe. SALVOS
  • 2 t-shirts. Left over from when the kids were younger. SALVOS
  • 1 pair kid's overalls. Also left over from a previous life. SALVOS
  • 1 man's leather jacket. SALVOS
  • 7 fabric scarves. Love them, never wear them and am only keeping those of real sentimental value. The kids love these for dress-up. GIFT
  • 1 cotton hat. Received for helping out on the London Marathon in 1992. It's useless at keeping the sun off and only kept from sentiment. SALVOS
  • 60 books. BOOKCROSSING.


  • 4 Time Thief Watch Caps
  • 10 stitch markers made from 3 pairs of earrings and jump rings already here.

IN 26
OUT 176



Donna Lee said...

I love how your recycle yarn from thrift stores. My favorite thrift store (in a rich area with really good cast offs) closed and is moving somewhere. I used to stay away from the woolen garments because I was pretty sure they were not really wool but acrylic and were usually very pilly. This is the weekend we are getting out the winter clothes. Less ironing than when we get out the summer things but more laundry.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

An impressive week :-)

Jejune said...

Great effort, Taph, 150 things out! All your clothes sorted out ready for summer! And hopefully cathartic with regard to your old relationships.

I'm happy to take a few china tea cups & saucers off your hands, if you have mismatched sets amongst your Nanna's china, and want to find new homes for them. I love using them in my paintings :)

Five Ferns Fibreholic said...

You are just way too organized for me. I am trying but I have a long way to go before I can compare to you!