Friday, December 09, 2005

The new gift for 40 is "citron"

My evil twin is turning 40 soon. I, of course, am remaining 17 36. ;)

Today my gorgeous staff, colleagues and volunteers gave me a suprise afternoon tea and my gift was an Imperial mandarin (to plant in the garden, donchaknow), and a block of Lindt Intense Lemon dark chocolate. We also had a honey and marmalade cake, and the birthday cake was orange cupcakes, iced and arranged to look like balloons. There was also citrus flavoured jellies.

Mum and Dad are giving me a ruby grapefruit for the garden as well.

Add this to the garden's lemon, lime and limequat (think cumquat but with limes) and it will be Chez Citron around here quite soon. I'm thinking margaritas with the limes, gin and tonic with the lemon, and vodka and pink grapefruit juice once they start cropping. Now I just have to get some pomegranates (I REALLY want a pomegranate hedge) and I can make grenadine for Tequila Sunrises. Yum, how would that be, a Tequila Sunrise with fresh mandarin juice and home made grenadine?

This image is for a Grapefruit Campari Martini - I LOVE pink drinks!


happyspider said...

omg! this woman came into my work today and was freaking me out because she looked so familiar. in the end i caved and asked if she had a twin. she laughed alot and said no. i wish i hadnt read this entry this morning, i had myself convinced i'd tracked down an evil twin :p

Taphophile said...

There is a doppelganger for each of us. Some of us are lucky enought to know who they are.

Jejune said...

Hit the evil twin over the head, and enjoy the mandarin Tequila Sunrises!

There certainly is a citrus theme happening here รข€” very glad to hear your staff/colleagues/volunteers gave you a birthday surprise :)